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2011-09-10 21:31:20

    虽说现在英语复试很多学校已经不再先来英文自我介绍,但我个人认为认真准备一份英文自我介绍还是相当重要的。事实上后续回答老师提问很多是来源于自我介绍。本文给出自己保研申请学生准备的一份自我介绍 。



Introduce Myself
Good afternoon, teachers and professors,
It's my pleasure to have the opportunity for this interview, and I hope I could make a good performance today. Thanks for your time, I am really appreciate that.
My name is Su Qiankun and my English name is Jelline , I come from Fujian Province. From the moment I went to Hainan University, I have been studying in the College of Information Science & Technology at Hainu University for three years, majoring is Computer Science & Technology. And now, I am trying my best to obtain a key to your institution for future study.
In the past three years, I did quite a good job in my study and had acquired a systemic knowledge of my major. Owing to my outstanding performance in study and social works, I got several awards.
In summer holiday, I had read some books about Embedded System, and I become more and more interested in this area. So I want to apply forEmbedded System direction. I have paid much attention to your colleage before, and I know it's a wonderful college which has many good professors with seniority both in teaching and researching.
I believe that I have a strong sense of teamwork and feeling of urgent, ability of self-study as well. Furthermore, I am a person with great perseverance. So, I am confident that I will be the very suitable candidate and I will show this point in future work.
(For more information, please refer to my resume. )That's all, thank you!

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Jelline2012-02-09 15:16:17

platinaluo: 不是I am really appreciate that.
是 I really appreciate that......

platinaluo2012-02-03 22:19:35

不是I am really appreciate that.
是 I really appreciate that.