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2009-07-07 16:37:25

When talking about , it is necessary for us to say something about its eminent designers, One is Don Ed Hardy, having been called "contemporary godfather of tattoo in America", Another is Christian Audigier. The man entitled "king of jeans" once worked for several famous brands, for example Diesel, Levi's.
An admitted fact is that joining hands of two masters really arouses shining sparks which breathe new life in fashion crowd, Yet, it seems to me that some negative effects in their design also need to be noticed and can be embodied as follows: Above all, the perfect dress should make young people look energetic and positive upward, Yet, either Ed hardy's baseball cap having totem or tattoo or the clothes with pirate skulls, eagle anchor, daimon, as well as other tattoo patterns, taking use of such techniques as embroidery, washing, splash-ink, etc. They all give others and impression of being decadent and dissipated. Moreover, , just as many critics said, is totally jumbling up overly sexy and aggressive patterns.
Naturally, every one to his own taste. And the above are just some of my personal views on . So all what you should do is to hold your own view. It do not weigh much for you to wear , if you feel nothing could be more suitable for you than Ed hardy. Just choose what you want!
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