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2009-07-30 09:27:06

Tiffanys Tiffany star pendantRecently, as it was said by U.S. media, Michelle Obama tanked topped on an election about the most glamorous women conducted by the professionals. You should never wonder why women like Angelina Jolie and Gisele Bundchen get left behind. So simple! Just imagine that if such women are in the office, what is the consequence? Maybe Michelle Obama has no advantages in figure and appearance, but her taste on top-selling and ability on costume and bracelet deserve the admiration of all people. In view of her figure, age, status, and taste, she is a new ideal model for global women in the middle class. And these female executives also have a real icon to follow finally. It is well acknowledged that Michelle Obama has a special affection toward pearls. Besides, she tries to stack up her by wearing Cartier upon Tiffany & Co, winning a wide admiration. It is lamination that keeps the focus of eyes and increases the sense of gradation of jewellery, revealing favorite and closeout which makes her admire by others. However, these earrings are mainly for women with certain abilities, capacity, qualities, and experience. And these women really need a piece of bright diamond jewel in order to be confident among women in the same class. The lamination of jewels is just a fashionable style for young ladies and diamonds are too dear, so Tiffany or Channel silver jewelries, for example, are best alternative. Keep an eye on Michelle Obama, focus on the fashion trend, and enjoy your beautiful life as office lady.
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