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分类: Oracle

2009-07-07 16:36:47

At the mention of , we have to say something about its distinguished designers, One is Don Ed Hardy who has been hailed as America contemporary godfather of tattoo, Another is Christian Audigier, named as "king of jeans", was once worked for Diesel, Levi's and other popular brand.
A clear fact is that the master's cooperation brings amazing sparkles, constructing a new look in fashion crowd, Nevertheless, to my mind, their designs also have some negative effects which are stated in the following and can not be ignored: For one thing, only the clothes that let young people look energetic and optimistic are good ones, Ed hardy, nevertheless, either the baseball cap having totem and tattoo or the dresses taking use of embroidery, washing, splash-ink, and other skills, integrating pirate skulls, eagle anchor, daimon, etc. All of them always smell decadent and degraded. Besides, is as what many critics ever said that they are full of patterns, being over sexy and aggressive.
Of course, different people see from different standpoints, and the above is just my personal opinion. Therefore, holding your own view is absolutely acceptable. Perhaps you believe that looks perfect on you, then, wearing it is no light matter. Anyway, you can choose what you like.
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