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发布时间:2022-01-07 14:01:47

11.Which two statements are true about the SET VERIFY ON command? (Choose two.)A. It can be used only in SQL*PlusB. It displays values for variables used only in the WHERE clause of a queryC. It can be used in SQL Developer and SQL*PlusD. It displays values for variables created .........【阅读全文】

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发布时间:2022-01-06 10:23:47

10.Which three functions are performed by dispatchers in a shared server configuration? (Choose three.)A. writing inbound request to the common request queue from all shared server connectionsB. checking for outbound shared server responses on the common outbound response queueC. re.........【阅读全文】

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发布时间:2022-01-05 14:33:23

9.Which two statements are true regarding a SAVEPOINT? (Choose two.)A. Rolling back to a SAVEPOINT can undo a CREATE INDEX statementB. Rolling back to a SAVEPOINT can undo a TRUNCATE statementC. Only one SAVEPOINT may be issued in a transactionD. A SAVEPOINT does not issue a COMMIT.........【阅读全文】

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发布时间:2021-12-28 17:22:18

Which three statements are true concerning logical and physical database structures? (Choose three.)A. All tablespaces may have one or more data filesB. The extents of a segment must always reside in the same datafileC. A smallfile tablespace might be bigger than a bigfile tablespace.........【阅读全文】

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发布时间:2021-12-27 17:00:35

In the spfile of a single instance database, LOCAL_LISTENER is set to LISTENER_1.The TNSNAMES.ORA file in $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin in the database home contains:LISTENER_1=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)( statement is true?A. Dyna.........【阅读全文】

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