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发布时间:2022-02-17 15:54:44

26、Which two statements are true about the ORDER BY clause when used with a SQL statement containing a SET operator such as UNION? (Choose two.)A. Column positions must be used in the ORDER BY clauseB. Only column names from the first SELECT statement in the compound query are recognize.........【阅读全文】

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发布时间:2022-02-16 18:35:55

25、Which three instance situations are possible with the Oracle Database server without multi-tenant?(Choose three.)A. two or more instances on separate servers all associated with one databaseB. one instance on one server associated with one databaseC. one instance on one server as.........【阅读全文】

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发布时间:2022-02-15 16:33:36

24、Evaluate these commands which execute successfully:CREATE SEQUENCE ord_seqINCREMENT BY 1START WITH 1MAXVALUE 100000CYCLECACHE 5000;CREATE TABLE ord_items(ord_no NUMBER(4) DEFAULT ord_seq.NEXTVALUE NOT NULL,item_no NUMBER(3),qty NUMBER(3),expiry_date .........【阅读全文】

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发布时间:2022-02-14 16:32:37

23、Which two statements are true regarding Oracle database space management within blocks managed by Automatic Segment Space Management (ASSM)? (Choose two.)A. PCTFREE defaults to 10% for all blocks in all segments for all compression methodsB. ASSM assigns blocks to one of four fullne.........【阅读全文】

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发布时间:2022-02-10 15:20:30

22、Choose threeWhich three are true about dropping columns from a table?A) A column can be removed only if it contains no data.B) A column drop is implidtly committedC) A column that is referenced by another column in any other table cannot be dropped.D) A column must be set .........【阅读全文】

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