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Oracle dba培训、OCP、OCM、MYSAL认证,可以找我们,cuug专业做这些








发布时间:2019-04-24 11:54:44

6.Which four statements are true about database instance behavior?A) Redo log files can be renamed in mount state.B) Datafiles can be renamed in mount state.C) All dynamic performance views (v$ views) return data when queried from a session connected to an Instance in nomount state.D) An spfile .........【阅读全文】

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发布时间:2019-04-24 11:07:30

5.One of your databases supports an OLTP workload.The default undo tablespace is fixed size with:1. RETENTION NOGUARANTEE2. undo_retention is 12 minutesUser scott get this error after a query on the sales table has run for more than 15 minutes:ORA-01555: snapshot too oldWhich three factors tak.........【阅读全文】

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发布时间:2019-04-24 10:33:11

4.Which four are true about creating and running a remote database scheduler jobs?A) A credential is optional for a remote database job.B) A database destination group must exist or be created for a job to run on multiple remote databases.C) A destination is optional for a remote database job bec.........【阅读全文】

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发布时间:2019-04-23 11:09:00

  2.Which three statements are true about pfiles, spfiles or both?  A) All spfile parameters can be modified successfully with the scope=both clause.  B) A spfile can be created by an idle instance.  C) spfiles and pfiles may both be edited with an O/S editing utility.  D) Some spfile .........【阅读全文】

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发布时间:2019-04-23 10:44:13

  1.One of your databases has archive logging enabled and RMAN backups are taken at regular intervals.  The data file for the users tablespace is corrupt.  Which command must you execute before starting the recovery of this tablespace ?  A) SWITCH DATAFILE ALL;  B) ALTE.........【阅读全文】

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