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2006-05-18 12:58:21


A 2.6.17-rc4 preview patch for the AT91RM9200 is now available on
 for testing.

[or  if the
DNS is still down]

      * Simple platform devices (watchdog, rtc, i2c) are now
        automatically added and don't have to be handled in each
        board-specific file. [David Brownell]
      * CSB337 board uses PB0 & PB1 for LEDs, not PB2.  [David Brownell]
      * SPI: Added registration of SPI-attached devices for CSB and
        DK/EK boards.  [David Brownell]
      * SPI: Converted old driver to platform driver.
      * Watchdog: Converted to platform device. [David Brownell]
      * Watchdog: Added suspend/resume support. [David Brownell]
      * Timer: Add SA_TIMER flag to timer irq.
      * Timer: Added suspend/resume support.
      * Serial: Support TIOCM_LOOP to configure local loopback mode.
      * include/asm-arm/arch-at91rm9200/pio.h removed.
      * Clock: Added PIO clocks, which are enabled at startup.
      * Clock: Disable all unused clocks at startup.
      * Clock: Minor bugfix for the usage count associated with MCK.
        [David Brownell]
      * Add static mapping for internal SRAM.
      * MMC: Replace calls to DBG() with pr_debug().
      * MMC: 'host' can never be NULL, so don't bother checking for that
      * Ethernet: Moved global ether_clk variable into controller data
        structure. [David Brownell]
      * Ethernet: Added suspend/resume support. [David Brownell]
      * Power Management support. [David Brownell]
      * RTC: Moved to drivers/rtc/, cleaned-up, and converted to new
        generic RTC class.
      * SPI: Added bit-banging SPI driver that uses the new SPI API.
        [David Brownell]
      * Timer: Store the last ST_CRTR value in global variable instead
        of in the ST_RTAR register. [Peter Menzebach]
      * USB Host: Set 'maxchild' so non-BGA processors will ignore the
        second/unavailable port on the root hub.  [David Brownell]
      * USB Host: Suspend/Resume improvements, and OHCI can be used as a
        wakeup source. [David Brownell]
      * Serial: Enable the internal pull-up for all the TX pins. [Chip
      * Ethernet: Set 'phy_id' to allow ethtool support to correctly
        address phy_id's other than 0. [Roman]
      * Ethernet: If the PHY doesn't have an IRQ line, then use a timer
        to poll the PHY. [Eric Benard, Roman]
      * Interrupts: set_irq_type() can also be used for internal
        interrupts. [Karl Olsen]
      * USB Device: Enabling multidrive on the pullup pin should only be
        done on the DK and EK boards.  [David Brownell]
      * Serial: The serial-console UART's clock is already enabled,
        don't re-enable it.
      * Serial: TX and RX DMA support. [Chip Coldwell]
      * Serial: Cleaned up the 'read_status_mask' usage. [Chip Coldwell]
      * Added at91_clock_associate() function to associate device &
        function with a  particular clock.  This is now used for the
        UARTs.  [David Brownell]
      * SPI: Round-up the SPI clock divisor.  That way we don't exceed
        the maximum SPI baud-rate.
      * Added arch_identify() for run-time detection of processor type
        (AT91RM9200 or AT91SAM9261).  [Ivan Kokshaysky]

      * If you're using SPI, you must define a 'struct spi_board_info'
        array and register it with at91_add_device_spi() in your
        board-specific file.
      * Select *either* the old SPI (and DataFlash driver), or the new
        Bitbanging SPI driver.

Thanks to everybody who contributed patches.

PS. This patch also contains my KS8695 development tree - based on Ben
Dooks / Lennert Buytenhek's patches.  (In case anybody's actually
interested in it).

  Andrew Victor

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