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分类: 服务器与存储

2008-04-22 15:52:02

A split-brain condition (when one node survives and the other must be
    shut down, which can cause data corruption) might occurs when a Solaris
    host fails to correctly register with VERITAS vxfendg disks. The
    workaround is to clear the keys manually using the vxfenclearpre
    command when you encounter a split-brain condition. This command will
    remove Small Computer System Interface 3 (SCSI-3) registrations and
    reservations on the coordinator disks, as well as on the data disks in
    all shared disk groups.
    NOTE: Clearing the keys manually does not always work; sometimes it is
    necessary to bring all nodes down.
    To clear keys manually, perform the following steps:
    a. Shut down all other systems in the cluster that have access to the
       shared storage. This prevents data corruption.
    b. Start the script:
    # cd /opt/VRTSvcs/vxfen/bin
    # ./vxfenclearpre
    c. Read the script’s introduction and warning. Then, you can choose to
       let the script run.

    Do you still want to continue: [y/n] (default : n)

    Note: Informational messages resembling the following might appear on
    the console of one of the nodes in the cluster when a node is ejected
    from a disk or LUN:
    scsi: WARNING: /sbus@3,0/lpfs@0,0/sd@0,1(sd91):
    Error for Command: Error
    scsi: Requested Block: 0 Error Block 0
    scsi: Vendor: Serial Number:
    scsi: Sense Key: Unit Attention
    scsi: ASC: 0x2a (), ASCQ:
    0x4,FRU: 0x0

    You may ignore these informational messages.

    Cleaning up the coordinator disks...
    Cleaning up the data disks for all shared disk groups...
    Successfully removed SCSI-3 persistent registration and reservations from
    the coordinator disks as well as the shared data disks.
    Reboot the server to proceed with normal cluster startup...

    d. Restart all systems in the cluster.
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