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分类: IT职场

2012-03-13 21:42:54

stash n. 贮藏箱
plunder n. & vt. 掠夺
ravage n. & vt. 毁坏;掠夺
Again and again they returned to plunder and ravage, to seize everything of value.
befall v. 降临
The tragedy befell this city.
monastery n. 修道院
implore vt. 恳求
I implore you, please help us.
pledge n. 誓言;誓约   vt. 保证;许诺
We will pledge our loyalty to you for all time.
rickety adj. 摇摇晃晃的
I can offer you but poor shelter within these rickety walls.
To lose one's life is a tragedy, but to lose one's soul is even worse.
roam v. 游荡;闲逛
The beasts from the cave have began to roam throughout the countryside, you'd better be careful out there.
sights n. 风景,名胜;
I wish I could see the sights he has.
veteran n. 老兵;富有经验的人 adj. 经验丰富的
short-lived adj. 短暂的,短期的
archer n. 弓箭手
fare vi. 遭受
The demons from that cave have claimed many of my finest archers. I wonder how you will fare.
moor n. 荒野
encampment n. 营地;露营
stamina  n. 耐力
vitality n. 体力;活力
shard n. 碎片
the shard of ice.
sash n. 饰带;腰带
spectral adj. 幽灵的;鬼怪的
spectral hit 幽灵一击
gargantuan adj. 庞大的;巨大的
gargantuan beast
chipped adj. 碎裂的
cipped diamond, can be inserted into socketed items.
scorch vt. 烧焦
wake n. 尾迹
Create a fire of wall in your wake to scorch your enemies.

crude adj. 粗糙的
a crude leather glove.
buckler n. 小圆盾
superior buckler
boulder n. 卵石,大圆石
loose boulder
raven n. 大乌鸦
amethyst n. 紫水晶;紫色;紫宝石
emerald n. 绿宝石,翡翠
javelin n. 标枪
scimitar n. 短弯刀;半月形刀
torture vt. 折磨;拷问;歪曲  tortured adj. 被扭曲的
banish vt. 放逐;驱逐         banished adj. 被放逐的
I pray that her tortured spirit remains banished forever.
allegiance n. 忠贞;效忠,忠诚
You have earned the allegiance of the Rogues.
at one's disposal 给某人支配
I've placed several of my best warriors at your disposal.
bonfire n. 营火;篝火
epic adj. 史诗的,叙事诗的
epic tales.
On some evenings, we gather at the bonfire and retell epic tales.
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