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分类: IT职场

2012-03-16 13:27:20

play hardball 采取强硬手段
Bree played hardball.

identity n. 身分

victim n. 受害者

witness n. 目击者

hugely successful 巨大成功的

eye-catching adj. 引人注目的;有魅力的

assume vt. 承担(责任);取得(权力)
But Lynette gave up all that to assume a new label, an incredibly satisfying role of full-time mother.

fall short of  达不到,不符合
advertised adj.  登广告的;如宣传中一样的
But unfortunately for Lynette, this new label frequently fell short of what was advertised.

in the world adv.  (强调疑问词)到底
How in the world did you do?

severely adv. 严格地;严肃地

bring up vt. 提起
hesitate in doing sth. 犹豫做某事;本不想做某事
I hesitate in bringing this up, seeing as you get ugly about it the last time.

bungee n. 蹦极;橡皮筋

attention defict disorder (孩子)注意力不足过动症
They don't have attention defict disorder.

creep vi. 起鸡皮疙瘩
make sb. creep

malignant adj. (病)恶性的;(人)有恶意的

She's bringing out the big guns. 她使出了杀手锏。

good deed n. 善行

doe n. 母鹿

wrestle vi. 斗争;摔跤;
wrestle with sb. 对付某人;与某人作斗争

scent n. 气味;植物香气
sage n. 鼠尾草
citrus n. 柑橘果树
tangerine n. 橘子;桔子
orange n. 橙子
What is that scent?
Is it the sage and citrus? It's amazing.

coy adj.腼腆的;忸怩作态的;怕羞的
employ vt. 使用;采用
Being coy is just a strategy best employed by virgins at their first dance.

ruthful adj. 引起怜悯的;充满怜悯心的
ruthless adj. 无情的,残忍的
ruthlessness n. 无情;残忍
Her ruthlessness at wiping out the competition.

lust after vt. 渴求
She has been lusting after him since he moved in.

concussion n. 脑震荡

entree n. (美)主菜

spice n. 香料

dust vt. & vi. 拂去灰尘
She dusted with a gym sock.

fresh produce section n. 新鲜果蔬区

retrospective adj. 怀旧的,回顾的

on one's account 为了某人;因为某人
You're so silly pretending not to like Mike on my account.

ring it up 结账
I'll ring it up 我帮你结帐

mug n. 杯子

postmark n. 邮戳

hang on 稍等

a close call n. 侥幸脱险

sandals n. 凉鞋

She hung up on me. 她挂我电话。

molestation n. 虐待;调戏

abject adj.  不幸的;可怜的

thong n. (女人)丁字内裤

budge vi. & vt. 让步,稍微移动

sheer adj. 完全的
out of sheer exhaustion.

If that isn't desperate, I don't know what is.

paediatrician n. 儿科医师

wrangle vt. 争吵
dope vt. 给…服麻醉药
I used to run a company with 85 people and now I can't wrangle three small boys without doping them?

It's a tough call 这是个艰难的问题
It's a close call 死里逃生


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