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分类: IT职场

2011-08-04 00:10:33

1. exuberance n. 丰富; 茂盛
Chandler sees that there is a gorgeous model inside the vestibule with him. He makes a gesture of quiet exuberance
2. balcony n. 阳台
Monica walks in, starts to go out on the balcony
3. flinch vi. 缩退
Phoebe: (at window) Eww, look. Ugly Naked Guy lit a bunch of candles.
(They all look at the window, grossed out, then flinch in pain.)
Rachel: That had to hurt!
4. mangled adj. 压扁的
carcass n. 尸体
Mental note: If Jill Goodacre offers you gum, you take it. If she offers you mangled animal carcass, you take it.
5. slyly adv. 狡猾地;偷偷地
Chandler slyly grabs the gum from the wall and slides it back in his mouth
6. tousle n. 一团糟
That's only a tousle.
7. hunk n. 肌肉男
She slowly gets up and sees a gorgeous Italian hunk holding the cat
8. moped n. 脚踏机动两用车
Phoebe: You know, did you ride mopeds? 'Cause I've heard... (they stare at her)... oh, I see... it's not about that right now. OK.
9. maniacal adj. 发狂的
Ross: Kinda of spooky without any lights.
Joey: (does a maniacal laugh) Bwah-hah-hah!
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