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2020-02-17 11:28:43

At higher wheel speeds, the metal removal rate can be increased, the grinding force can be reduced, and the power consumption can be reduced. Under the same surface roughness of the workpiece, the grinding efficiency can be improved. Increasing the speed of the CBN grinding wheel will improve the surface roughness of the silicon carbide abrasive workpiece. The higher the grinding wheel speed, the better the surface roughness of the workpiece, which will reduce the tangential and normal grinding forces. Grinding wheel wear is reduced and grinding heat is reduced.

The superiority of corundum refractories is becoming more and more important. At the same time, corundum composite refractories have attracted attention and have developed rapidly, and the application range is continuously expanding. As we all know, corundum has the advantages of high temperature resistance and stable chemical properties. However, it has a large linear expansion coefficient (8.1 × 10 / K), a large elastic modulus, and poor thermal shock resistance. Therefore, ZrO2 can be added to the corundum material instead of SiO2, such as steel skateboards.

Lamination method can be divided into lamination with mold and lamination without mold. Then increase the roll distance to make the forming material automatically roll off, divide it into several parts after cooling, press the green carborundum blocks separately, sprinkle the talcum powder, and park it for use. The crosslinking reaction is in the stage of thermal vulcanization, and the crosslinking begins to produce network structure. The viscosity is small, the solvent volatilizes quickly; the thickness of the adhesive layer, the diffusion of solvent molecules is slow.

China is a country with abundant bauxite resources in the world, but due to the natural law of ore deposit formation, the distribution of its super-grade ore is not concentrated, the mechanized mining is severely mixed, and the natural type of ore is complex and difficult to strictly classify. A certain amount of reducing agent is added, and carbon is generally used as the reducing agent. When the roughness value is small, fine particles are used. High grinding efficiency is required, and coarse abrasive particles are used. Lamination is mainly due to the high thickness (> 20 mm) of solid rubber.

The forming pressure of the abrasive formula is determined according to the abrasive particle size, hardness and organization. Each formula has a fixed unit pressure. Only by pressing according to the converted gauge pressure can the quality of the aluminum oxide abrasive product be guaranteed. The pressed parts can achieve the uniform density of the upper and lower structures, which ensures the quality of the products. This can not only overcome the shortcomings of manual unloading, but also ensure the quality of the parts.

At present, there are two kinds of binders used in rubber abrasives in China: natural rubber and synthetic rubber. The raw materials used for rubber abrasive tools are very complex, and there are usually more than ten kinds of them, which are generally divided into three parts, namely, abrasive, rubber and admixture. The abrasives used in rubber abrasives are the same as those used in ceramic abrasives and resin abrasives, usually brown corundum and white corundum, with a small amount of microcrystalline corundum, green silicon carbide and black silicon carbide.

Therefore, the dressing abrasive must have higher hardness, coarser abrasive grain size, and tighter structure than the dressing abrasive. Diamond products are the ideal dressing tools, but they are expensive and limited in quantity and cannot meet the growing demands of grinding and aluminum oxide grit production. The tunnel kiln is similar in its cross section to a tunnel through which a train passes through a cave. The dried blank first enters the preheat zone, and receives preheating from the flue gas in the preheat zone, and then enters the firing zone for firing.
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