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2020-02-06 10:42:42

For grinding wheels with smaller holes and thinner thickness, drilling is generally used to process the holes, and drilling is performed on a drilling machine. During the operation, the processed grinding wheel is placed on the brown fused aluminum oxide grinding wheel table, the main shaft is started to rotate, and the drill bit lifting handle is pulled, so that the drill bit enters the hole of the processed grinding wheel for drilling. The drilling tools are mainly drill bits and corundum. It is used to process various sulfurized cements with graphite powder in brown.

Sintered corundum abrasives have a compact structure, high strength and hardness, and can maintain sharp cutting edges and correct geometries permanently during the grinding process. Sintered corundum abrasives, like ordinary abrasives, include three types of grinding wheels, grinding heads and grinding stones. These types of abrasives generally do not differ in particle size, degree, and binder. Grinding tools made of synthetic resin or natural resin as a binding agent are called resin binding grinding tools, referred to as resin grinding tools.

From the cost of materials, green silicon carbide, black silicon carbide and white aluminium oxide can be made around these abrasives. Inorganic grinding tools, including magnesite, ceramics, etc. organic grinding tools, including phenolic, unsaturated resin, and epoxy (including abrasive cloth and sandpaper), constitute the grinding tools of ordinary abrasives. Diamond abrasives belong to superhard abrasives, although its processing history is relatively long. It is used for the filling of brown corundum and silicon carbide grinding wheels. The main factors affecting the production are material parameters and air flow parameters.

Corundum refractory products, especially special corundum refractory products, i.e. high temperature ceramics, are produced not only in refractory industry, but also in building materials, electronics, chemical industry, machinery and other industries. Corundum refractories belong to high quality and high efficiency products. The developed countries seek for high-purity raw materials, among which high-purity corundum raw materials are one of the key products. Al2O3 is an ionic crystal with stable structure. However, such institutions require careful maintenance and regular inspections.

The evenness of sand production has a great relationship with the gas source. The distance and angle between the sandblasting nozzle and the workpiece surface is a deep knowledge in the sandblasting process. In practice, it is found that the change of distance and angle can directly affect the black corundum sandblasting effect and efficiency, and the research and scanning speed can also affect the sandblasting effect and efficiency, which is closely related to the skill and proficiency of the sandblasting workers. The discharge nozzle is located in the upper part of the furnace body.

The difference between the two methods is that the way of debonding is different. It is safe to reduce the impact of the liquid butt joint package because of the small liquid drop. If the sand material is wet, it will cause uneven sand production, or directly cause no sand production. The first key point is to start customization when it reaches the level. Marketing method innovation must be combined with the application ability of information processing tools. Emery manufacturers also have strict requirements for the production of other raw materials.

It is not necessary to plug the hole immediately after the discharge is dumped and reset, so it is convenient to clean the discharge nozzle. It is easy to drill holes for the next discharge. After the molten corundum is discharged, there is no charge on the surface of the furnace mouth, and there is no charge falling into the ladle when the molten corundum is discharged and dumped, which can ensure the quality of pink corundum products. Generally speaking, the density we call is the bulk density, which is also called the specific gravity.

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