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分类: IT职场

2012-02-18 21:21:03

1. We often use the word "IP" as an adjective, as in IP layer and IP address, when the distinction between IPv4 and IPv6 is not needed.
We sometimes refer to this protocol as ICMPv4 to distinguish it from ICMPv6.
distinct  [di'stiŋkt]  adj.明显的, 清晰的, 不同的 
distinguish [di'stiŋgwiʃ] vt.区别, 辨认, 使显著 (distinguish ... from ...)
distinction [di'stiŋkʃən] n.荣誉, 差别, 优秀, 对比, 区分 

2. TCP State Transition Diagram
transit  ['trænsit]  n.运输, 经过, 转变 vt.穿越, 旋转 vi.越过 
transition [træn'ziʃən]  n.转变, 过渡 
transitional  [træn'ziʃənəl]  adj. 变化的, 过渡期的,  过渡性的 

3. Both the IPv4 address and the TCP or UDP port number are always stored in the structure in network byte order. We must be cognizant of this when using these members.
cognizant ['kɔgnizənt]  adj. 已认识, 既知道, 晓得

4. But with the advent of subnetting and then the disappearance of the various address classes with classless addressing.
advent ['ædvent]  n.出现, 到来 

5. Figure 4.1 shows a timeline of the typical scenario that takes place between a TCP client and server. 
timeline  n. 时间表 
scenario  n.剧本, 情节梗概;场景 

6. It should be greater than 1023 (we do not need a reserved port), greater than 5000 (to avoid conflict with the ephemeral ports allocated by many Berkeley-derived implementations)
ephemeral  [i'femərəl] adj.短暂的, 朝生暮死的  n.生存极短时间的事物

7. For each client, fork spawns a child, and the child handles the new client.
spawn [spɔ:n] n.卵, 产物, 后代,结果 vt.产卵, 种菌丝于,产生, 造成 vi.产卵, 大量生产 

8. The client calls socket and connect, the latter causing TCP's three-way handshake to take place

9We have used very specific arguments to ps to only show us the information that pertains to this discussion.
pertain [pə'tein]  vi.关于, 从属, 适合 

10A notable exception is disk I/O, which usually returns to the caller (assuming no catastrophic hardware failure). 
catastrophic [ˌkætə'strɔfik] adj.灾难的, 灾难性的

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