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2011-07-07 07:54:50

!  Execute a shell command
              abort halt  Cancel a running halt
           add extension  Add new extension into context
           add ignorepat  Add new ignore pattern
          add indication  Add the given indication to the country
        add queue member  Add a channel to a specified queue
               agi debug  Enable AGI debugging
            agi no debug  Disable AGI debugging
                  answer  Answer an incoming console call
              autoanswer  Sets/displays autoanswer
            database del  Removes database key/value
        database deltree  Removes database keytree/values
            database get  Gets database value
            database put  Adds/updates database value
           database show  Shows database contents
           debug channel  Enable debugging on a channel
                    dial  Dial an extension on the console
            dont include  Remove a specified include from context
            dump agihtml  Dumps a list of agi command in html format
                    exit  Exit Asterisk
       extensions reload  Reload extensions and *only* extensions
                  hangup  Hangup a call on the console
                    help  Display help list, or specific help on a command
              iax2 debug  Enable IAX debugging
           iax2 no debug  Disable IAX debugging
          iax2 provision  Provision an IAX device
         iax2 set jitter  Sets IAX jitter buffer
         iax2 show cache  Display IAX cached dialplan
      iax2 show channels  Show active IAX channels
      iax2 show firmware  Show available IAX firmwares
         iax2 show peers  Show defined IAX peers
   iax2 show peers begin  Show defined IAX peers
iax2 show peers exclude  Show defined IAX peers
iax2 show peers include  Show defined IAX peers
  iax2 show provisioning  Show iax provisioning
      iax2 show registry  Show IAX registration status
         iax2 show stats  Display IAX statistics
         iax2 show users  Show defined IAX users
        iax2 trunk debug  Request IAX trunk debug
         include context  Include context in other context
               init keys  Initialize RSA key passcodes
                    load  Load a dynamic module by name
     local show channels  Show status of local channels
           logger reload  Reopens the log files
           logger rotate  Rotates and reopens the log files
     mgcp audit endpoint  Audit specified MGCP endpoint
              mgcp debug  Enable MGCP debugging
           mgcp no debug  Disable MGCP debugging
             mgcp reload  Reload MGCP configuration
     mgcp show endpoints  Show defined MGCP endpoints
        no debug channel  Disable debugging on a channel
                    quit  Exit Asterisk
                  reload  Reload configuration
        remove extension  Remove a specified extension
        remove ignorepat  Remove ignore pattern from context
       remove indication  Remove the given indication from the country
     remove queue member  Removes a channel from a specified queue
      restart gracefully  Restart Asterisk gracefully
             restart now  Restart Asterisk immediately
restart when convenient  Restart Asterisk at empty call volume
           save dialplan  Save dialplan
               send text  Send text to the remote device
               set debug  Set level of debug chattiness
             set verbose  Set level of verboseness
             show agents  Show status of agents
                show agi  Show AGI commands or specific help
       show applications  Shows registered applications
        show application  Describe a specific application
       show audio codecs  Shows audio codecs
           show channels  Display information on channels
            show channel  Display information on a specific channel
             show codecs  Shows codecs
              show codec  Shows a specific codec
     show config handles  Show Config Handles
           show dialplan  Show dialplan
       show file formats  Displays file formats
       show image codecs  Shows image codecs
      show image formats  Displays image formats
        show indications  Show a list of all country/indications
               show keys  Displays RSA key information
    show manager command  Show manager command
   show manager commands  Show manager commands
  show manager connected  Show connected manager users
            show modules  List modules and info
        show parkedcalls  Lists parked calls
              show queue  Show status of a specified queue
             show queues  Show status of queues
           show switches  Show alternative switches
        show translation  Display translation matrix
             show uptime  Show uptime information
            show version  Display version info
       show video codecs  Shows video codecs
    show voicemail users  List defined voicemail boxes
    show voicemail zones  List zone message formats
               sip debug  Enable SIP debugging
            sip debug ip  Enable SIP debugging on IP
          sip debug peer  Enable SIP debugging on Peername
             sip history  Enable SIP history
            sip no debug  Disable SIP debugging
          sip no history  Disable SIP history
              sip reload  Reload SIP configuration
       sip show channels  Show active SIP channels
        sip show channel  Show detailed SIP channel info
        sip show history  Show SIP dialog history
          sip show inuse  List all inuse/limit
           sip show peer  Show details on specific SIP peer
          sip show peers  Show defined SIP peers
    sip show peers begin  Show defined SIP peers
  sip show peers exclude  Show defined SIP peers
  sip show peers include  Show defined SIP peers
       sip show registry  Show SIP registration status
  sip show subscriptions  Show active SIP subscriptions
          sip show users  Show defined SIP users
            skinny debug  Enable Skinny debugging
         skinny no debug  Disable Skinny debugging
       skinny show lines  Show defined Skinny lines per device
             soft hangup  Request a hangup on a given channel
         stop gracefully  Gracefully shut down Asterisk
                stop now  Shut down Asterisk immediately
    stop when convenient  Shut down Asterisk at empty call volume
                transfer  Transfer a call to a different extension
                  unload  Unload a dynamic module by name
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