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2011-02-12 01:06:19

再战江湖-Return Engagement 1990-DVD
Return Engagement (1990 film)
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Directed by Joe Cheung
Produced by Alan Tang
Written by Wong Kar-wai
Joe Cheung
Starring Alan Tang
Andy Lau
Simon Yam
Elizabeth Lee
Music by Violet Lam
Cinematography Tom Lau
Jimmy Leung
Christopher Doyle
Andrew Lau
Editing by Poon Hung
Distributed by In-Gear Film Production Co., Ltd.
Release date(s) March 17, 1990
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese / English

Return Engagement (traditional Chinese: 再戰江湖; Cantonese Yale: Zai zhan jiang hu), also known as Hong Kong Corruptor is a 1990 Hong Kong action drama film directed by Joe Cheung and starring Alan Tang, Andy Lau and Simon Yam.

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// Plot

Return Engagement tells the story of Lung (Alan Tang), a Triad boss who is sent to prison in Canada. While he is in jail his daughter is taken to Hong Kong to keep her safe. On his release Lung travels to Hong Kong to find his daughter where he meets a young Triad (Andy Lau) who knows of his reputation and respects him greatly.

Alternate versions

The film was released on VHS in North America as Hong Kong Corruptor, featuring an unrelated scene with Chow Yun-fat. This meant to cash in on the success of American film debuts made by Asian filmmakers, such as John Woo as well as superstars such as Chow Yun-Fat.

  • Alan Tang
  • Andy Lau
  • Simon Yam
  • Elizabeth Lee
  • Carrie Ng
  • Ku Feng
  • Melvin Wong
  • Dennis Chan
  • May Lo
  • David Ng
  • David Wu
  • Chang Yi
  • Anthony Pa-San
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