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分类: Oracle

2017-10-10 17:05:33


如果Oracle数据库hang住了,对Oracle做system dump,或做 hang analyze,是研究和解决问题的有效办法。如果能够连接数据库,并能够进行操作,那么用oradebug是简单快捷的办法。


OracleHANGANALYZE 功能诊断 DBhanging


Oracleoradebug 命令 使用说明



SYS@anqing1(rac1)> oradebug setmypid

Statement processed.

SYS@anqing1(rac1)> oradebug dump systemstate 10

Statement processed.

SYS@anqing1(rac1)> oradebug tracefile_name


SYS@anqing1(rac1)> oradebug close_trace

Statement processed.


在系统hung的时候,systemstate基本等同于hanganalyze,可以用于诊断system hung。但是如果直接来查看这个trace file,比较麻烦,这时候可以使用ass.awk 脚本来帮助我们查看trace file。


Ass.Awk 脚本在LTOM的ltom431\ltom\tom_base\tom\src目录下,其名称是:ass109.awk。这个是目前的最新版本,ass.awk 脚本可以帮助我们分析和格式化system state dump。



LTOM - TheOn-Board Monitor User Guide [ID 352363.1]


LTOM 的下载地址:


在看AWK, awk是一种编程语言,用于在linux/unix下对文本和数据进行处理。数据可以来自标准输入、一个或多个文件,或其它命令的输出。



Linux awk 命令 说明



我们这里使用的是AWR命令的 -fscripfile 参数,即从脚本文件中读取awk命令。这个脚本就是我们LTOM中的ass109.awk。



[oracle@rac1 src]$ awk -f ass109.awk /u01/app/oracle/admin/anqing/udump/anqing1_ora_8725.trc


Starting Systemstate 1


Ass.Awk Version 1.0.9 - Processing/u01/app/oracle/admin/anqing/udump/anqing1_ora_8725.trc


System State 1



2: waiting for 'pmon timer'           wait

3: waiting for 'DIAG idle wait'       wait

4: waiting for 'rdbms ipc message'    wait

5: waiting for 'rdbms ipc message'    wait

6: waiting for 'ges remote message'   wait

7: waiting for 'gcs remote message'   wait

8: waiting for 'rdbms ipc message'    wait

9: waiting for 'rdbms ipc message'    wait

10: waiting for 'rdbms ipc message'     wait

11: waiting for 'rdbms ipc message'     wait

12: waiting for 'buffer busy waits'(2,89,21) wait

13: waiting for 'rdbms ipc message'     wait

14: waiting for 'enq: JS - queue lock'[Enqueue JS-00000000-00000001] wait

15: waiting for 'buffer busy waits'(2,89,21) wait

16: waiting for 'rdbms ipc message'     wait



19: waiting for 'rdbms ipc message'     wait

20: waiting for 'log file switch (archivingneeded)' wait

21: waiting for 'ASM background timer'  wait

22: waiting for 'rdbms ipc message'     wait

23: waiting for 'log file switch (archivingneeded)' wait

24: last wait for 'SQL*Net message fromclient'

25: for 'Streams AQ: waiting for messagesin the queue' wait

26: waiting for 'Streams AQ: qmn slave idlewait' wait

27: waiting for 'rdbms ipc message'     wait

28: waiting for 'rdbms ipc message'     wait

29: waiting for 'class slave wait'      wait


31: waiting for 'Streams AQ: qmncoordinator idle wait' wait

32: waiting for 'SQL*Net message fromclient' wait

34: waiting for 'SQL*Net message fromclient' wait

36: waiting for 'jobq slave wait'       wait

37: for 'Streams AQ: waiting for timemanagement or cleanup tasks' wait




       Above is a list of all the processes. If they are waiting for a resource

       then it will be given in square brackets. Below is a summary of the

       waited upon resources, together with the holder of that resource.



        o A process id of '???' implies that the holder was not found in the



                    Resource Holder State

Enqueue JS-00000000-00000001    23: waiting for 'log file switch (archivingneeded)'


Object Names


Enqueue JS-00000000-00000001                                 



48768 Lines Processed.

[oracle@rac1 src]$



这个使用ass.awk 处理之后的结果就直接查看trace 直观很多:

[oracle@rac1 src]$ head -100/u01/app/oracle/admin/anqing/udump/anqing1_ora_8725.trc  


Oracle Database 10g Enterprise EditionRelease - Production

With the Partitioning, Real ApplicationClusters, OLAP, Data Mining

and Real Application Testing options

ORACLE_HOME =/u01/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_1

System name:    Linux

Node name:      rac1

Release:        2.6.18-194.el5

Version:        #1 SMP Tue Mar 16 21:52:43 EDT 2010

Machine:       i686

Instance name: anqing1

Redo thread mounted by this instance: 1

Oracle process number: 24

Unix process pid: 8725, image: oracle@rac1(TNS V1-V3)


*** 2012-02-06 20:32:20.758

*** ACTION NAME:() 2012-02-06 20:32:20.755

*** MODULE NAME:(sqlplus@rac1 (TNS V1-V3))2012-02-06 20:32:20.755

*** SERVICE NAME:(SYS$USERS) 2012-02-0620:32:20.755

*** SESSION ID:(118.34295) 2012-02-0620:32:20.755




System global information:

    processes: base 0x30e0ec78, size 150, cleanup 0x30e1dff8

    allocation: free sessions 0x30e5a6c4, free calls (nil)

    control alloc errors: 0 (process), 0 (session), 0 (call)

    PMON latch cleanup depth: 0

    seconds since PMON's last scan for dead processes: 64

    system statistics:

313621 logons cumulative

30 logons current

14842838 opened cursors cumulative






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