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2012-03-28 11:44:38

Tuesday  , March 27 2012

Today is my unlucky day . too bad luck , My personal notebook was failure , It’s not difficult to me as usual .  But sometimes , My notebook like  make a joke to me .  I was try to many method attempt repair it , but it still unnormal . So May be I only via reinstall system image to repair it and get right.

on one hand ,My personal notebook has some trouble. on the other hand , in morning , I came to my workplace and access the hydrazine iLo remote console to reinstall the Redhat Enterprise Linux to test and verify the new feature SR-IOV . when operation system was installed completed. It always tips error find the operation system or display the messy code .  though the issue was strange  and that spend me a lot of time . But ends resolved it .  The process is restore the BIOS release and pulled up the cables of  the fiber channel which connect with storage .

   My Singapore friend MingHong told me some funny English wording .  Such as  “Yup!” its equal yes! and “something to that extent .” means very very  thanks .   more professional ! 

   nice day .

Steven Song.


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