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2012-03-26 11:11:25

Monday  , March 26 2012

A new week , Monday morning .  The weather began to clear up .  I want to record my work status from now on by English .  May be it can be exercise my English technology  and organizing what I learned in the work .

Due to today is Monday . at first I should make this week plan ,  a good plan can improve my work efficiency .

1.       1.Work Plan

This week predict 100% workload .  in the first Nosy daily test on time . 2st learn more technology about SR-IOV specification  therefrom  should be known how the single-root IO virtualization operating principle . 3st learn from workmate how to make the test case about SR-IOV and try to test the new feature by Windows 8 Server Beta on our develop lab Hydrazine machine .4st update the iLo on CHN-Hydrazine IP address and domain name . then release it on Xtracker web page .

2.       2.Personal Plan

This week must be everything on track . It’s no time to waste .  1st  To completed the picture which in  my  graduation project by Microsoft  Viso  tools.  2st  Help others design their graduation project catalogue .  3st  Speed up to learn the Bash shell and  practice  scripts everyday . 4st  Practice my English speaking every day especially the daily expression .   5st  as far as possible to learn HP-UX Kernel turning and performance , though it’s not urgency ,but I think that will very useful for my in the future .

That’s all . and I think I can finished this plan on time .  a finely  week began . no worried  and  be my personal  best .   Cheer up !


-------Nice day


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