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2009-09-03 12:58:20


Summer still goes on, but the dresses for autumn have been put onto store shelves. Under the influence of economic recession, the designs for this season are much more commercial. A clear feature of the fall fashion show in 2009 is that the majority of clothes are designed based on the taste of customers. No matter Ed hardy caps, UGG warm boots, or Paul Smith gloves, all of them are excellent in design.
That's because these designs widen the range of wearers. As a result, it is possible for mother and daughter to find their sound clothes at the same time. Anyway, let's just have a look at the advertising film of Madonna for fall fashion series, from which we could clearly felt her glamour and vigorousness. With the amazing coat and T-shirt, she couldn't be more wild, sexy, and glamorous. Actually, are much easy to match since people can wear them at any seasons. No wonder, its sale is better than that of those clothes in reason. Although many of cannot be worn now, numerous of people still buy a lot. This year, Ed hardy's another highlight lies in its children series since various coats for children are so wonderful that even an adult wants to buy. Watching these lovely clothes, you may wonder to return back to your childhood or just have a baby at once so you

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