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2009-09-03 13:02:10



If Burberry represents the British traditional sutra, then Paul Smith is the example of the British humor.Burberry’s plaid is widely known to people, so does Paul Smith’s colored bands.Paul Smith’s British humor is that he looks like a gentleman but he is not. People like him because of the rebellious spirit in his inner heart.Paul Smith’s clothes are, for the most part, carefully cut out and are superior in quality. They are completely consonant with gentlemen’s manner and sobriety. But there are many elements worth relishing hidden in detail.The designer Paul Smith often says,” I hope to give people surprise,” and he does so. He often tells the serious male model to carry a teddy bear in his hand or embroiders a naked girl on the cuffs of shirts.Individuality is the very thing people want to seek in their clothes, so he has won a great success by adding evil ideas into the design.He creates a new fashion area in women’s clothes. And now, the fashion kingdom covers more than 35 nations in the world, within which there are more than 12 series. And are very popular.Paul Smith is so popular that mini copper uses it to print color bands. No wonder its designer is the richest one in Britain.Paul Smith designs new products every season aims to shock its big fans again and again.
So just wait before we know what will promote this year.
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