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2009-09-02 16:06:55


WFit are also indispensable part for women's wardrobe apart from dress.Boots may vary with different body conditions. As a result, how to choose a pair of suitable boots remains a problem for many girls.
Are you ready to buy yourself a pair of fancy boots? Here are some suggestions, hoping to help you find a suitable and fashionable for yourself.
how to choose suitable boots.
for O-legs or X- legs
Dos:choose the relaxed and straight type that can veil your leg shape. In addition, boots with wide turned-down rims can function the same way.For round cruses, a pair of deft can suit well. This type can, say, invite elastic /rubber band on either sides or it can be a closed semi-concave blucher.You will need knee high heeled tight boots so as to distract attention from your not-so-slim legs.Don'ts: Don't buy boots that end mid thigh, mid knee or mid calf if you do not want to appear fatter.
for elephant legs
Dos: you are strongly recommended to pick boots of dark color series with loose bootleg to improve your leg curve.Don'ts: in order to distract notice on the leg part, you had better avoid vivid colors including orange brown on account of its showy nature.
However, this kind of anti-traditional boots can be very particular. They prefer those with fashionable appearance and slim and long figures as well.
In this year's fad circle, fur is very popular and ubiquitous in hats,jackets,dresses,and bags. Boot,for sure, will not lag behind and invite it for decoration.Shaggy fur is scattered along the upper of boot leg.
Pierced work
Designers take advantage of pierced work to increase the diaphanousness and sexy feelings of boots.The design of the boots has been very complicated, so the color of them should be single and pure to be more practical.
Collocation is an important element to consider in the purchase of boots.
Beautiful boots only accompanied with the right clothes can reflect the characteristics of boots.

its matching /collocation with clothes

Flat bottomed boots plus thin skirts construct a sense of conflict and contrast, catching up the fashionable mixed matching trend.You can choose high-heeled boots to match your skirts of pretty tight wrap or with split ends in order to take the sexy route.The more spacious and longer the skirt opens, the evener the bottom should be.

underneath ankle boots

Tightness is an important element when you match boots with short skirts but such collocation will fully reflect the curve of your leg. As a result, the premise is that you have got slender legs from ankle to knee.The squeezed clothing in boots will overlap each other, making the boot surface rugged, which gives others an impression of disgrace.It is an annoying behavior to wear boots veiled by pant leg because it means you don't actually need boots rather than single boots.
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