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2009-07-30 09:29:00

Lately, professionals selected by vote for the most attractive women. According to the result published on the U.S. media, Michelle Obama ranked first. You will never wonder why such beauties as Angelina Jolie and Gisele Bundchen are left far behind. Just simply imagine that what will happen if the women like them are in the office. So clear the answer. Michelle Obama may have no merits referring to figure and face, but when it comes to her taste on unique and ability of managing dress and , she is incomparable. In view of her figure, age, status, and taste, she is a new ideal model for global women in the middle class. As to the women in managing level, they also have their true jewellery icon at last. Michelle Obama likes to wear pearls, as we all know, but you know what she also tries to terrace the jewels. For instance, she ever wore Cartier upon , winning most women's compliments. It is simply because lamination keeps the focus of attention and increases the sense of gradation. Under such luxurious and brilliant jewelries, she cannot be ignored by the public. However, these Tiffany Pendant earrings are mainly for women with certain abilities, capacity, qualities, and experience. In order to be confident among women in the same class, these women do need some distinctive diamond jewellery. Tiffany Pink Swarovski Rhinestones Compact Makeup MirrorAs for these young ladies, diamond lamination may be too expensive. So the silver jewelries, such as and Channel cufflinks are right alternatives. Keeping an eye on the first lady means focusing on the fashion trend and therefore, you will lead a wonderful life as an OL.
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