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2008-09-25 15:55:52

FreeBSD是一份UNIX操作系统,它面向i386、IA-64、PC-98、Alpha/AXP及UltraSPARC平台。它基于加州伯克利大学的4.4 BSD-Lite发布,并带有一些4.4 BSD-Lite2增强。它还非直接地基于William Jolitz的port,这源于加州伯克利大学i386化的“Net/2”也即“386BSD”,尽管386BSD中只有非常少的代码遗留下来。 FreeBSD被遍布全世界的公司、Internet服务提供商、研究人员、计算机专家、学生,以及家庭用户用于他们的工作、教学和娱乐之中。
Ken Smith has announced the first release candidate for FreeBSD 6.3: "The first of the release candidate builds for FreeBSD 6.3 is now available. There is one more release candidate planned, which will be followed by the release unless a major show-stopper issue crops up during testing. The release branch has been created so if you plan to use cvsup to update an already installed machine you should use the RELENG_6_3 branch. Or you can give FreeBSD Update a try, see the instructions here. The ports folks are getting very close to finishing up the release package builds for a couple of the architectures. I'm planning to fiddle a bit with figuring out the disc1 and disc2 package sets that we will be trying to provide as part of the final release." Here is the brief release announcement. Download (MD5): 6.3-RC1-i386-disc1.iso (499MB, MD5), 6.3-RC1-amd64-disc1.iso (580MB, MD5).



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