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2008-09-04 23:00:06

Keren AnnLa - Ballade Of Lady And Bird

Bird : Lady? 
Lady : Yes Bird? 
Bird : It's cold 
Lady : I know 
Lady : Bird... I cannot see a thing 
Bird : It's all in your mind 
Lady : I'm worried 
Bird : No one will come to see us 
Lady : Maybe they come but we just don't see them 
  What do you see? 
Bird : I see what's outside 
Lady : And what exactly is outside? 
Bird : It's grown-ups 
Lady : Well maybe if we scream they can hear us 
Bird : Yeah, maybe we should try to scream 
Lady : Ok, Bird 
Lady & Bird : Heeeelp, Heeeelp 
  Can you hear us Nana ? 
  Hello ! 
  Help ! 
  Hello it's me 
  Can you see 
  Can you see me 
  I'm here 
  Nana come and take us 
  Are you there 
Lady : I don't think they can hear us 
Bird : I can hear you lady 
Bird : Do you want to come with me lady 
Lady : Will you be nice to me Bird 
Lady : You're always be nice to me because you're my friend 
Bird : I try but sometimes I make mistakes 
Lady : Nana says we all make mistakes 
Bird : Maybe we should scream more 
Lady : Yes, Bird let's scream more 
Lady & Bird : Help ! Help us ! Come on ! Help 
  Hello ! 
  Hello ! 
  We're lost 
Lady : I think they cannot see us 
Bird : Nobody likes us 
Lady : But they all seem so big 
Bird : Maybe we should just jump 
Lady : What if we fall from the bridge and then nobody can catch us 
Bird : I don't know let's just see what happens 
Lady : Okay 
Bird : Come with me 
Lady : Shall we do it together 
Bird : Yeah 
Lady & Bird : 1 2 3....Aaaaaaah 
Bird : Lady? 
Lady : Yes Bird 
Bird : It's cold 
Lady : I know 
Lady : Bird...I cannot see a thing 

Bird : It's all in your mind  

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