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分类: Delphi

2009-10-05 23:38:36

  技术顾问在solaris 10 zone的环境下部署domino server 8.5的时候遇到了问题。安装程序提示需要首先在global zone下安装一遍。顾问按照这个提示做了但依然解决不了这个问题。测试环境为SUN M5000的小型机在global zone下划了一个测试zone,global zone为生产环境的standby节点。我查了一下资料,其实SUN网站有相关的文档,IBM网站也有类似的描述。最后我是按照IBM的文档来做的,SUN的文档写的有点啰嗦。呵呵。
Solaris 10 Zones provide separate environments on a computer and enable applications to remain logically separated from one another. You can virtualize the operating system (OS) multiple times based on one kernel.
For Lotus® Domino® to run properly in this environment, you must tell the OS which part of the kernel is accessible from the zone.
To do this:
Install the Solaris 10 operating system.
Create zone configurations.
Install Domino 7.0.1 in zone 0.
In the global zone, remove the /dev/listen symlink.
Also in the global zone, add this line to the end of /etc/
type=ddi_pseudo;name=listen;addr=0;minor=listen \M0
Note: The character before the backslash is a tab, not a space; see comments in the file.)
Run devfsadm and check that it created a new /dev/listen link.
You may need to work around this several times, with different sequences of "rem_drv listen", reboots, and "add_drv listen." It may be that the combination that works is rem_drv/reboot/devfsadm, but this has not been confirmed.
Also in the global zone, use zonecfg to configure a local zone.
Along with the filesystems and everything else, use the subcommands:
add device
set match=/dev/listen
end to export the raw /dev/listen device to the local zone.
Use zoneadm to install and boot the new local zone, and zlogin to log into it.
As root in the local zone, check that /dev/listen exists (It is an actual device file in the LZ, not a symlink.)
Give all users read/write permission to it with:
chmod 666 /dev/listen
Switch to the Domino user account, cd to the server directory, and launch Domino.
Additional information
Additional informations about 'Domino in Zones' can be found at   
# zonecfg -z oatest
zonecfg:oatest> add device
zonecfg:oatest:device> set match=/dev/listen
zonecfg:oatest:device> end
zonecfg:oatest> end
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