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2009-03-03 22:59:11

在 Wikipedia上是这么说的:

Cats excrete the pathogen in their faeces for a number of weeks after contracting the disease, generally by eating an infected rodent. Even then, cat faeces are not generally contagious for the first day or two after excretion, after which the cyst 'ripens' and becomes potentially pathogenic. Studies have shown that only about 2% of cats are shedding oocysts at any one time, and that oocyst shedding does not recur even after repeated exposure to the parasite. Although the pathogen has been detected on the fur of cats, it has not been found in an infectious form, and direct infection from handling cats is generally believed to be very rare.

猫感染弓形虫的原因多为吃了带病的老鼠,在受感染后若干星期后通过粪便排出病原体。尽管如此,这些粪便在排出后并不马上具传染性,经过一两天后,胞囊成熟才会有潜在传染性。研究表明,只有 2% 的猫会排出一次胞囊,并且以后不再排出,即使猫体内仍有寄生虫。虽然在猫的毛中能发现病原体,但不具备传染性。接触猫直接染病被认为是非常罕见的。

[] Pregnancy precautions


toxoplasmosis is a special form in which an unborn child is infected via the . A positive antibody indicates previous exposure and immunity and largely ensures the unborn baby's safety. A simple blood draw at the first pre-natal doctor visit can determine whether or not the woman has had previous exposure and therefore whether or not she is at risk. If a woman receives her first exposure to toxoplasmosis while pregnant, the baby is at particular risk. A woman with no previous exposure should avoid handling raw meat, exposure to cat feces, and gardening (cat feces are common in garden soil). Most cats are not actively shedding and so are not a danger, but the risk may be reduced further by having the litterbox emptied daily (oocysts require longer than a single day to become infective), and by having someone else empty the litterbox. However, while risks can be minimized, they cannot be eliminated.


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