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Oracle dba培训、OCP、OCM、MYSAL认证,可以找我们,cuug专业做这些







发布时间:2019-10-17 09:52:27

Which three are true about granting object privileges on tables, views, and sequences?B) DELETE can be granted on tables, views, and sequences.D) INSERT can be granted on tables, vews, and sequences.F) ALTER can be granted only on tables and sequences.(解析:update 和 delete 只能在.........【阅读全文】

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发布时间:2019-10-16 10:02:47

Which three statements are true about indexes and their administration in an Orade database?B) An index can be created as part of a CREATE TABLE statement.D) A UNIQUE and non-unique index can be ceated on the same table colunnF) If a query filters on an indexed column then it will alwa.........【阅读全文】

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发布时间:2019-10-16 09:28:38

The CUSTOMERS table has a CUST_LAST_NAME column of data type VARCHAR2.Which query produces output for CUST_LAST_SAME containing Order for the first row and Aus for the second?B) SELECT REPLACE (TRIM(TRALING 'son' FROM cust_last_name), 'An','O') FROM customers;D) SELECT REPLACE (SUBSTR(.........【阅读全文】

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发布时间:2019-10-15 10:03:24

Exammine the desciption of the PRODUCT DETALS table:--------------------------------------------------PRODUCT_NAME  NOT NULL  VARCHAR2(25)EXPIRY_DATE  DATEA) PRODUCT_ID can be assigned the PEIMARY KEY constraint.C) EXPIRY_DATE contains the SYSDATE by defalt if no.........【阅读全文】

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发布时间:2019-10-15 09:33:24

The CUSTOMERS table has a CUST_CREDT_LIMIT column of date type number.A) SELECT TO_CHAR(NVL(cust_credit_limit * .15,'Not Available')) FROM customers;C) SELECT NVL(cust_credit_limit * .15, 'Not Available') FROM customers;E) SELECT NVL2(cust_credit_limit,TO_CHAR(cust_credit_limit * .15),.........【阅读全文】

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