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2009-12-30 12:59:03

Commands and Utilities


The table below lists all of the commands and utilities set forth in chapter 17 of the Linux Standard Base specification. Also listed are the source code packages used by Architect to provide the commands as well as the primary download location for the source code.

command   source package  primary download site
[   coreutils
ar   coreutils
at   at
awk   gawk
basename  coreutils
batch   at
bc   bc
cat   coreutils
chfn   shadow
chgrp   coreutils
chmod   coreutils
chown   coreutils
chsh   shadow
cksum   coreutils
cmp   diffutils
col   util-linux
comm   coreutils
cp   coreutils
cpio   cpio
crontab   dcron
csplit   coreutils
cut   coreutils
date   coreutils
dd   coreutils
df   coreutils
diff   diffutils
dirname   coreutils
dmesg   util-linux
du   coreutils
echo   coreutils
egrep   grep
env   coreutils
expand   coreutils
expr   coreutils
false   coreutils
fgrep   grep
file   file
fold   coreutils
fuser   psmisc
gencat   man
getconf   glibc
gettext   gettext
grep   grep
groupadd  shadow
groupdel  shadow
groupmod  shadow
groups   shadow
gunzip   gzip
gzip   gzip
head   coreutils
hostname  coreutils
iconv   glibc
id   coreutils
install   coreutils
install_initd  [not implemented]       [N/A]
ipcrm   util-linux
join   coreutils
kill   procps
killall   psmisc
ln   coreutils
locale   glibc
localedef  glibc
logname   coreutils
lpr   LPRng
ls   coreutils
lsb_release  [not implemented] [N/A]
m4   m4
make   make
man   man
md5sum   coreutils
mkdir   coreutils
mkfifo   coreutils
mknod   coreutils
mktemp   mktemp
more   less
mount   util-linux
msgfmt   getttext
mv   coreutils
newgrp   shadow
nice   coreutils
nl   coreutils
nohup   coreutils
od   coreutils
passwd   shadow
paste   coreutils
patch   patch
pathck   coreutils
pidof   procps
pr   coreutils
printf   coreutils
ps   procps
pwd   coreutils
remove_initd  [not implemented] [N/A]
renice   util-linux
rm   coreutils
rmdir   coreutils
rsync   rsync
sed   sed
sendmail  postfix
sh   bash
shutdown  sysvinit
sleep   coreutils
sort   coreutils
split   coreutils
strip   binutils
stty   coreutils
su   shadow
sum   coreutils
sync   coreutils
tail   coreutils
tar   tar
tee   coreutils
test   coreutils
time   time
touch   coreutils
tr   coreutils
true   coreutils
tsort   coreutils
tty   coreutils
umount   util-linux
uname   coreutils
unexpand  coreutils
uniq   coreutils
useradd   shadow
userdel   shadow
usermod   shadow
wc   coreutils
xargs   findutils

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