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分类: 嵌入式

2014-06-23 16:15:34

MIPS32® 24K® Family
  • With an 8-stage pipeline and a maximum clock frequency exceeding 1400 MHz in 40nm, the 24K family of cores enable SoC designers to reduce product costs and speed time-to-market by giving them the performance headroom to implement more features now and upgrades in the future with software flexibility rather than rigid, fixed hardware.
  • Cadence, Synopsys, Magma and other EDA industry leaders help minimize design time and offer a proven path to silicon by co-developing tailored SoC design methodologies. This couples the high-performance, low-power 24K cores with cutting-edge core hardening technologies.
  • By standardizing the core interface on OCP (), the 24K cores accelerate time-to-market by enabling easy reuse of standard SoC IP. Memory controllers, bus interconnects and other standardized peripherals are now easily integrated through common on-chip interfaces.
  • The highly-scalable 24K microarchitecture implements the industry-standard MIPS32 Release 2 architecture, which includes features such as enhanced bit-field manipulation, reduced interrupt latency and enhanced cache control.
  • A rich environment of third-party tools and software support the 24K family of cores.3

  • 1MIPS32® 74K®
    • A 15-stage asymmetric dual-issue pipeline, out-of-order instruction dispatch/completion and fully synthesizable design gives SoC developers full flexibility to port the design across different processes and accelerate time-to-market
    • Two versions of the 74K family are available - 74Kc™ (standard) and 74Kf™ (high-performance Floating Point Unit)
    • Standard OCP bus interface provides backward-compatibility with existing 24K, 24KE and 34K cores
    • A rich ecosystem of third-party software and debug tools coupled with software and tools support from MIPS Technologies
    • Back-end EDA flow support for Cadence, Magma and Synopsys design tools
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