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分类: Python/Ruby

2008-08-04 11:28:01

Here is the introduction of tinypy:

tinypy is a minimalist implementation of python in 64k of code

tinypy includes a whole heap of features:

    * parser and bytecode compiler written in tinypy
    * fully bootstrapped
    * luaesque virtual machine with garbage collection written in C
      it's "stackless" sans any "stackless" features
    * cross-platform :) it runs under windows / linux / macosx
    * a fairly decent subset of python
          o classes and single inheritance
          o functions with variable or keyword arguments
          o strings, lists, dicts, numbers
          o modules, list comprehensions
          o exceptions with full traceback
          o some builtins
    * batteries not included -- yet
Who sponsored tinypy?

Phil Hassey(

My contribution to tinypy:

I have committed two modules to tinypy repositoy: math and random. An example application borrowed from xscreensaver will be committed in soon(vines). plus, I'm planning to add re module to tinypy for regular expression supporting.

Where can you get info about tinypy?

The form website of tinypy is
You can get released tinypy and source code from googlecode:
The doc of tinypy is organised in wiki:
The mailing list of tinypy is powered by google group:
Some miscellaneous doc page: /web

Tinpy's aim:

Lean, but meaning!
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