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分类: 项目管理

2011-12-10 20:16:50



Configuring TortoiseCVS for Anonymous pserver Authentication

Read-only access to any project CVS repository may be obtained using anonymous pserver-based authentication. Working copies generated in this manner cannot be used to perform write operations (a fresh checkout via SSH authentication would be needed by a developer who wishes to make repository changes). You need not have a .net user account to access repositories via anonymous pserver.

To configure a checkout, in the Windows Explorer, right-click the folder which will be used for the Source Code and select "Checkout CVS..."

The following settings should be configured to use TortoiseCVS with pserver authentication:

  • Protocol: Password server (:pserver:)
  • Server:
  • Repository folder: /cvsroot/PROJECTNAME (PROJECTNAME is the UNIX name of the project whose repository you wish to access NOTE: all letters will be lowercase).
  • User name: anonymous
  • Module: Enter the name of the module you wish to work with.

These configuration settings are the only settings needed in order to access a repository for read operations (checkout, update). You should not be prompted for a password when accessing a repository in this manner; if you are prompted for a password, for assistance after you have verified that your configuration settings match those provided here.

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