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分类: Python/Ruby

2010-04-20 09:50:10

1. 已安装 module/package 的文档可以运行 pydoc 这个程序来查找:
    alex@dhcp-65-3:~$ pydoc
pydoc - the Python documentation tool
   ( 这个程序会从提取相应源码文件中的文档文本, 并格式化输出, 其实你也可以找到相应的
      源码文件查看  )
pydoc ...
     may be the name of a Python:
              keyword,  topic,  function,  module, or  package,
             or a dotted reference to a class or function within a module
             or module in a package. 
     If contains a '/', it is used as the path to a Python source
     file to document.
     If name is 'keywords', 'topics'  or 'modules', a listing of these things
     is displayed.

pydoc -k
    Search for a keyword in the synopsis lines of all available modules.

pydoc -p
    Start an HTTP server on the given port on the local machine.

pydoc -w ...
    Write out the HTML documentation for a module to a file in the current
    directory.  If contains a '/', it is treated as a filename; if
    it names a directory, documentation is written for all the contents。
2. 在线文档: ( 如: /release/2.6.5/index.html)
       Python: interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming.
       Python Tutorial:
            introduction to programming in Python   

       Python Library Reference:
            documents built-in and standard types, constants, functions
            and modules.

       the Python Reference Manual:
            syntax and semantics of the core language in much detail.

       Documentation for installed Python modules and packages can  be    viewed
       by running the pydoc program.

       Python’s basic power can be extended with your own modules written
        in *C or C++*.On most     systems  such    modules     may be
        dynamically  loaded.

       Python is also adaptable as an extension language for existing applica-
       tions.  See the internal documentation for hints.

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