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分类: 云计算

2015-02-25 14:24:22

    action-check        Check that stack resources are in expected states.
    action-resume       Resume the stack.
    action-suspend      Suspend the stack.
    build-info          Retrieve build information.
    create              DEPRECATED! Use stack-create instead.
    delete              DEPRECATED! Use stack-delete instead.
    describe            DEPRECATED! Use stack-show instead.
    event               DEPRECATED! Use event-show instead.
    event-list          List events for a stack.
    event-show          Describe the event.
    gettemplate         DEPRECATED! Use template-show instead.
    list                DEPRECATED! Use stack-list instead.
    output-list         Show available outputs.
    output-show         Show a specific stack output.
    resource            DEPRECATED! Use resource-show instead.
    resource-list       Show list of resources belonging to a stack.
    resource-metadata   List resource metadata.
    resource-show       Describe the resource.
    resource-signal     Send a signal to a resource.
    resource-template   DEPRECATED! Use resource-type-template instead.
    resource-type-list  List the available resource types.
    resource-type-show  Show the resource type.
    resource-type-template  Generate a template based on a resource type.
    stack-abandon       Abandon the stack.
    stack-adopt         Adopt a stack.
    stack-cancel-update Cancel currently running update of the stack.
    stack-create        Create the stack.
    stack-delete        Delete the stack(s).
    stack-list          List the user's stacks.
    stack-preview       Preview the stack.
    stack-show          Describe the stack.
    stack-update        Update the stack.
    template-show       Get the template for the specified stack.
    template-validate   Validate a template with parameters.
    update              DEPRECATED! Use stack-update instead.
    validate            DEPRECATED! Use template-validate instead.
    bash-completion     Prints all of the commands and options to stdout.
    help                Display help about this program or one of its subcommands.
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