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分类: 云计算

2015-01-06 14:37:57

usage: keystone [--version] [--debug] [--os-username ]
                [--os-password ]
                [--os-tenant-name ]
                [--os-tenant-id ] [--os-auth-url ]
                [--os-region-name ]
                [--os-identity-api-version ]
                [--os-token ]
                [--os-endpoint ] [--os-cache]
                [--force-new-token] [--stale-duration ] [--insecure]
                [--os-cacert ] [--os-cert ]
                [--os-key ] [--timeout ]

Pending deprecation: Command-line interface to the OpenStack Identity API.
This CLI is pending deprecation in favor of python-openstackclient. For a
Python library, continue using python-keystoneclient.

Positional arguments:
    catalog                 List service catalog, possibly filtered by
    ec2-credentials-create  Create EC2-compatible credentials for user per
    ec2-credentials-delete  Delete EC2-compatible credentials.
    ec2-credentials-get     Display EC2-compatible credentials.
    ec2-credentials-list    List EC2-compatible credentials for a user.
    endpoint-create         Create a new endpoint associated with a service.
    endpoint-delete         Delete a service endpoint.
    endpoint-get            Find endpoint filtered by a specific attribute or
                            service type.
    endpoint-list           List configured service endpoints.
    password-update         Update own password.
    role-create             Create new role.
    role-delete             Delete role.
    role-get                Display role details.
    role-list               List all roles.
    service-create          Add service to Service Catalog.
    service-delete          Delete service from Service Catalog.
    service-get             Display service from Service Catalog.
    service-list            List all services in Service Catalog.
    tenant-create           Create new tenant.
    tenant-delete           Delete tenant.
    tenant-get              Display tenant details.
    tenant-list             List all tenants.
    tenant-update           Update tenant name, description, enabled status.
    token-get               Display the current user token.
    user-create             Create new user.
    user-delete             Delete user.
    user-get                Display user details.
    user-list               List users.
    user-password-update    Update user password.
    user-role-add           Add role to user.
    user-role-list          List roles granted to a user.
    user-role-remove        Remove role from user.
    user-update             Update user's name, email, and enabled status.
    discover                Discover Keystone servers, supported API versions
                            and extensions.
    bootstrap               Grants a new role to a new user on a new tenant,
                            after creating each.
    bash-completion         Prints all of the commands and options to stdout.
    help                    Display help about this program or one of its

Optional arguments:
  --version                 Shows the client version and exits.
  --debug                   Prints debugging output onto the console, this
                            includes the curl request and response calls.
                            Helpful for debugging and understanding the API
                            Name used for authentication with the OpenStack
                            Identity service. Defaults to env[OS_USERNAME].
                            Password used for authentication with the
                            OpenStack Identity service. Defaults to
                            Tenant to request authorization on. Defaults to
                            Tenant to request authorization on. Defaults to
  --os-auth-url   Specify the Identity endpoint to use for
                            authentication. Defaults to env[OS_AUTH_URL].
                            Specify the region to use. Defaults to
                            Specify Identity API version to use. Defaults to
                            env[OS_IDENTITY_API_VERSION] or 2.0.
                            Specify an existing token to use instead of
                            retrieving one via authentication (e.g. with
                            username & password). Defaults to
                            Specify an endpoint to use instead of retrieving
                            one from the service catalog (via authentication).
                            Defaults to env[OS_SERVICE_ENDPOINT].
  --os-cache                Use the auth token cache. Defaults to
  --force-new-token         If the keyring is available and in use, token will
                            always be stored and fetched from the keyring
                            until the token has expired. Use this option to
                            request a new token and replace the existing one
                            in the keyring.
                            Stale duration (in seconds) used to determine
                            whether a token has expired when retrieving it
                            from keyring. This is useful in mitigating process
                            or network delays. Default is 30 seconds.
  --insecure                Explicitly allow client to perform "insecure" TLS
                            (https) requests. The server's certificate will
                            not be verified against any certificate
                            authorities. This option should be used with
                            Specify a CA bundle file to use in verifying a TLS
                            (https) server certificate. Defaults to
  --os-cert    Defaults to env[OS_CERT].
  --os-key             Defaults to env[OS_KEY].
  --timeout        Set request timeout (in seconds).

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