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分类: IT职场

2012-02-18 13:58:13

We all have moments of desperation. But if we can face them head-on, that's when we find out just how strong we really are.
navy bean n. 菜豆
allergic adj. 过敏的
He is deathly allergic to onions.
basil: 【植】罗勒属植物:罗勒, 柴苏
puree: (将菜、水果等)煮成浓汤
basil puree
vampire n. 吸血鬼
osso buco 炖小牛胫
custody n. (小孩的)监护权
considerably adv. 相当地
Her relationship with her husband is considerably cooler.
predatory adj. 掠夺的【这里指猎艳男人】
divorcee n. 离婚者
conquest n. (爱情或性方面)被俘虏的人
varied 各种各样的
legendary adj. 传说的
inhalation n. 吸入
mourn vt.&vi. 为…哀痛
precarious adj. (情绪)不稳的  precariousness n.
slut n. 荡妇
a sudden urge 突然的冲动
with a sudden urge to do sth.
ambrosia n. 美味食品
popsicle n. 冰棒
popsicle stick 冰棒棍
napkin n. 餐巾纸
a change of pace n. (吃饭)换下口味
mustard n. 芥末
dressing n. 调味品
ranch n. 大农场
rancher n. 大农场主
suspect adj. 可疑的
The ranch looked just a little bit suspect.
the dissolution of marriage 解除婚姻
mow vt. 修剪
mower n.1.割草机 2.刈割者
The lawn hasn't been mowed.
the wee hours n. 后半夜;凌晨
plan on sth./doing sth. 打算做某事
I think she plans on entertaining into the wee hours, if you know what I mean.
paramedic n. 救护人员
frazzled adj. 疲倦的
You sounded a little frazzled.
distracted adj. 心烦意乱的
I told you, Mrs. Huber came over and I got distracted. It was a mistake.
what happened?
what's going on?
how are you doing?
how did it go?
what do you do?
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