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2012-05-25 00:00:00

 * The pci_dev structure is used to describe PCI devices.
struct pci_dev {
struct list_head bus_list; /* node in per-bus list */
struct pci_bus *bus; /* bus this device is on */
struct pci_bus *subordinate; /* bus this device bridges to */

void *sysdata; /* hook for sys-specific extension */
struct proc_dir_entry *procent; /* device entry in /proc/bus/pci */
struct pci_slot *slot; /* Physical slot this device is in */

unsigned int devfn; /* encoded device & function index */
unsigned short vendor;
unsigned short device;
unsigned short subsystem_vendor;
unsigned short subsystem_device;
unsigned int class; /* 3 bytes: (base,sub,prog-if) */
u8 revision; /* PCI revision, low byte of class word */
u8 hdr_type; /* PCI header type (`multi' flag masked out) */
u8 pcie_type; /* PCI-E device/port type */
u8 rom_base_reg; /* which config register controls the ROM */
u8 pin;   /* which interrupt pin this device uses */

struct pci_driver *driver; /* which driver has allocated this device */
u64 dma_mask; /* Mask of the bits of bus address this
  device implements.  Normally this is
  0xffffffff.  You only need to change
  this if your device has broken DMA
  or supports 64-bit transfers.  */

struct device_dma_parameters dma_parms;

pci_power_t     current_state;  /* Current operating state. In ACPI-speak,
  this is D0-D3, D0 being fully functional,
  and D3 being off. */
int pm_cap; /* PM capability offset in the
  configuration space */
unsigned int pme_support:5; /* Bitmask of states from which PME#
  can be generated */
unsigned int d1_support:1; /* Low power state D1 is supported */
unsigned int d2_support:1; /* Low power state D2 is supported */
unsigned int no_d1d2:1; /* Only allow D0 and D3 */
unsigned int wakeup_prepared:1;

struct pcie_link_state *link_state; /* ASPM link state. */

pci_channel_state_t error_state; /* current connectivity state */
struct device dev; /* Generic device interface */

int cfg_size; /* Size of configuration space */

* Instead of touching interrupt line and base address registers
* directly, use the values stored here. They might be different!
unsigned int irq;
struct resource resource[DEVICE_COUNT_RESOURCE]; /* I/O and memory regions + expansion ROMs */

/* These fields are used by common fixups */
unsigned int transparent:1; /* Transparent PCI bridge */
unsigned int multifunction:1;/* Part of multi-function device */
/* keep track of device state */
unsigned int is_added:1;
unsigned int is_busmaster:1; /* device is busmaster */
unsigned int no_msi:1; /* device may not use msi */
unsigned int block_ucfg_access:1; /* userspace config space access is blocked */
unsigned int broken_parity_status:1; /* Device generates false positive parity */
unsigned int irq_reroute_variant:2; /* device needs IRQ rerouting variant */
unsigned int msi_enabled:1;
unsigned int msix_enabled:1;
unsigned int ari_enabled:1; /* ARI forwarding */
unsigned int is_managed:1;
unsigned int is_pcie:1;
unsigned int    needs_freset:1; /* Dev requires fundamental reset */
unsigned int state_saved:1;
unsigned int is_physfn:1;
unsigned int is_virtfn:1;
unsigned int reset_fn:1;
unsigned int    is_hotplug_bridge:1;
pci_dev_flags_t dev_flags;
atomic_t enable_cnt; /* pci_enable_device has been called */

u32 saved_config_space[16]; /* config space saved at suspend time */
struct hlist_head saved_cap_space;
struct bin_attribute *rom_attr; /* attribute descriptor for sysfs ROM entry */
int rom_attr_enabled; /* has display of the rom attribute been enabled? */
struct bin_attribute *res_attr[DEVICE_COUNT_RESOURCE]; /* sysfs file for resources */
struct bin_attribute *res_attr_wc[DEVICE_COUNT_RESOURCE]; /* sysfs file for WC mapping of resources */
struct list_head msi_list;
struct pci_vpd *vpd;
union {
struct pci_sriov *sriov; /* SR-IOV capability related */
struct pci_dev *physfn; /* the PF this VF is associated with */
struct pci_ats *ats; /* Address Translation Service */
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