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2009-11-14 21:18:43

dynamips and dynagen are used for cisco router simulation

$>apt-get install dynamips dynagen

first install them

then there are many useful document under /usr/share/doc/dynagen

Dynagen is a text-based front end for Dynamips, which uses the “Hypervisor” mode for communication with Dynamips. Dynagen simplifies building and working with virtual networks:

    * Uses a simple, easy to understand configuration file for specifying virtual router hardware configurations
    * Simple syntax for interconnecting routers, bridges, frame-relay and ATM, and Ethernet switches. No need to deal with NetIOs
    * Can work in a client / server mode, with Dynagen running on your workstation communicating with Dynamips running on a back-end server. Dynagen can also control multiple Dynamips servers simultaneously for distributing large virtual networks across several machines. Or you can run Dynamips and Dyngen on the same system
    * Provides a management CLI for listing devices, starting, stopping, reloading, suspending, resuming, and connecting to the consoles of virtual routers.


here are some quot README for dynagen
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