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专注虚拟化性能优化,硬件显卡网卡虚拟加速,面向容器的轻量虚拟化开发 永远的Linux Geeker!



分类: 虚拟化

2021-06-25 03:47:16

QEMU 6.0.0 版本与 4月30号发布,本版本涵盖了3300多个提交,共有268个开发者参与了本次的开发。


68k: 新增基于virtio设备的 ‘virt’ 机器类型。
ARM: support for ARMv8.1-M ‘Helium’ architecture and Cortex-M55 CPU
ARM: support for ARMv8.4 TTST, SEL2, and DIT extensions
ARM: ARMv8.5 MemTag extension now available for both system and usermode emulation
ARM: support for new mps3-an524, mps3-an547 board models
ARM: additional device emulation support for xlnx-zynqmp, xlnx-versal, sbsa-ref, npcm7xx, and sabrelite board models
Hexagon: new emulation support for Qualcomm hexagon DSP units
MIPS: new Loongson-3 ‘virt’ machine type
PowerPC: external BMC support for powernv machine type
PowerPC: pseries machines now report memory unplug failures to management tools, as well as retrying unsuccessful CPU unplug requests
RISC-V: Microchip PolarFire board now supports QSPI NOR flash
Tricore: support for new TriBoard board model emulating Infineon TC27x SoC
x86: AMD SEV-ES support for running guests with secured CPU register state
x86: TCG emulation support for protection keys (PKS)

ACPI: support for assigning NICs to known names in guest OS independently of PCI slot placement
NVMe: new emulation support for v1.4 spec with many new features, experimental support for Zoned Namespaces, multipath I/O, and End-to-End Data Protection.
virtiofs: performance improvements with new USE_KILLPRIV_V2 guest feature
VNC: virtio-vga support for scaling resolution based on client window size
QMP: backup jobs now support multiple asynchronous requests in parallel

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