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cone crusher supplier:








分类: 信息化

2015-03-23 15:02:36

Jaw crushers are often used as primary crushers and are perhaps the most popular crusher worldwide. These compressive crushers can crush material with Moh’s scale in middle and high hardness such as ironstone,copper ore,limestone,quartz,granite,rock and so on.

In this type of crusher, reduction takes place between a stationary jaw plate and a moving jaw plate. The angle between fixed jaw and movable jaw becomes smaller when the moving jaw runs down,then the materials are crushing into picecs.It becomes bigger when the movable jaw runs up.The movable jaw plate leaves the fixes jaw plate under the action of tension rod and sping,then the end products come out from the crushing cavity.The machine are amongst the advanced and reliable in the market and hingly production in a variety of applications.

With a combining advances in safety and producting ,it optimizes your quarry or mining operation.And it incoeporates high fuction for efficient production rates and even output investment.
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The website is :
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