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2012-01-11 22:01:53

原文地址:我的vimrc 作者:amarant

" All system-wide defaults are set in $VIMRUNTIME/debian.vim (usually just
" /usr/share/vim/vimcurrent/debian.vim) and sourced by the call to :runtime
" you can find below.  If you wish to change any of those settings, you should
" do it in this file (/etc/vim/vimrc), since debian.vim will be overwritten
" everytime an upgrade of the vim packages is performed.  It is recommended to
" make changes after sourcing debian.vim since it alters the value of the
" 'compatible' option.

" This line should not be removed as it ensures that various options are
" properly set to work with the Vim-related packages available in Debian.
runtime! debian.vim

" Uncomment the next line to make Vim more Vi-compatible
" NOTE: debian.vim sets 'nocompatible'.  Setting 'compatible' changes numerous
" options, so any other options should be set AFTER setting 'compatible'.
"set compatible

" Vim5 and later versions support syntax highlighting. Uncommenting the
" following enables syntax highlighting by default.
if has("syntax")
  syntax on

" Uncomment the following to have Vim jump to the last position when
" reopening a file
if has("autocmd")
  au BufReadPost * if line("'\"") > 1 && line("'\"") <= line("$") | exe "normal! g'\"" | endif

" Uncomment the following to have Vim load indentation rules and plugins
" according to the detected filetype.
"if has("autocmd")
"  filetype plugin indent on

" If using a dark background within the editing area and syntax highlighting
" turn on this option as well
set background=dark

" The following are commented out as they cause vim to behave a lot
" differently from regular Vi. They are highly recommended though.
set showcmd        " Show (partial) command in status line.
set showmatch        " Show matching brackets.
set ignorecase        " Do case insensitive matching
set smartcase        " Do smart case matching
set incsearch        " Incremental search
set hlsearch
set autowrite        " Automatically save before commands like :next and :make
set hidden             " Hide buffers when they are abandoned
"set mouse=a        " Enable mouse usage (all modes)
"set foldmethod=indent     " auto fold up

"------------------personal setting------------------"
"------------------personal setting------------------"

" Source a global configuration file if available
if filereadable("/etc/vim/vimrc.local")
  source /etc/vim/vimrc.local

if filereadable("./cscope.out")
  cscope add cscope.out

set cst

nmap :cs f s =expand("")
nmap :cs f g =expand("")

nmap s :cs f s =expand("")
nmap g :cs f g =expand("")
nmap f :cs f f =expand("")
nmap c :cs f c =expand("")
nmap d :cs f d =expand("")

nmap :n
nmap :N
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