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分类: 服务器与存储

2014-01-03 15:37:39


Performance & Scalability


Is Wowza Media Server scalable?

Yes. Wowza Media Server is a highly scalable, tightly coded multi-threaded Java server. Wowza Media Server effectively utilizes CPU (up to 8 cores) and memory resources to let you get more connection capacity out of any given hardware. The connection capacity in most cases is limited by the disk or network I/O performance.


How does Wowza Pro perform for live streaming?

Wowza Pro sets a new benchmark for live streaming in terms of the concurrent connection capacity, stability, and interoperability with live encoders. In our testing a single Wowza Pro Unlimited delivered 2000 simultaneous live video streams at 512 kbps each on ordinary dual-core hardware (). Additionally, Wowza Pro has shown superior stability in long-term live streaming tests with (weeks of continuous, uninterrupted live streaming) with various live encoders.


Have you conducted any performance tests?

Yes. Sample tests were conducted as follows:


  • CPU: Single Dual Core Xeon 5160, 4MB Cache, 3.00 GHz, 1333MHz FSB
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Disk IO (streaming disks): 2X 36GB, SAS, 15K RPM Hard Drives, RAID 0 (striping)
  • Disk IO (OS disk): 1X 250GB, SATA, 7K RPM Hard Drive
  • Network: Dual 1Gb controller


  • OS: Fedora Core 6
  • JRE: Sun Java6-Update1

Video On Demand Test 1 (600 connections, 400 files):

  • Connections: 700
  • Files: 400 (random selection of files)
  • Video bitrate: 400kbs
  • Audio bitrate: 96kbs
  • Overall bitrate per file: ~512kbs (with overhead)
  • Results: 368Mbs (no connections starved for data)
  • Memory Usage: 361MB
  • RTMP: CPU: 14.5%
  • RTMPE: CPU: 22.6%

Video On Demand Test 2 (1800 connections, 1 file):

  • Connections: 1800
  • Files: 1
  • Video bitrate: 400kbs
  • Audio bitrate: 96kbs
  • Overall bitrate per file: ~512kbs (with overhead)
  • Results: 900Mbs (no connections starved for data)
  • Memory Usage: 543MB
  • RTMP: CPU: 35%

Live Streaming Test 1 (2000 connections, 512kbps On2 Flix Live stream):

  • Connections: 2000
  • Live Video: ~512kbps On2 Flix Live stream
  • Results: 840Mbs (no connections starved for data)
  • Memory Usage: 267MB
  • RTMP: CPU: 21%

These tests were performed using Wowza Media Server Pro 1.5.2-patch1 and were not specifically performance tuned.


How can I maximize the server performance?

A lot of Wowza Media Server performance is driven by the underlying systems I/O performance. Wowza Media Server can only go as fast as the server can deliver .flv bits from the disk. To get the most throughput out of Wowza Media Server we suggest you use RAID 0 or RAID 10 configurations with as many disks as possible in the RAID array.


Do you offer a load-testing tool?

We have a tool allows you to benchmark the performance of Wowza Media Server in some applications environments. Please see our  page for more information.


Can I load balance an on demand video application across multiple Wowza Pros?

Yes. Wowza Pro provides a very scalable, HTTP-based approach for providing multiple server delivery of a video on demand application.


How can I scale live streaming beyond a single server?

Wowza Pro servers implement an origin and edge configuration feature set to deliver live media content across multiple servers. This functionality is standard in Wowza Pro.



Pricing and Licensing


How much does it cost?

The product pricing is available on the  page.


Do you have a version for developers?

Yes. We offer a FREE 10-connection Wowza Media Server Pro10 edition that can be used as a developer platform or for commercial deployment. See the EULA for additional terms and restrictions that may apply.


What are the licensing terms for CDNs, hosting and streaming service providers?

Separate licensing terms are offered for service providers such as Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), hosting and streaming services. These licensing terms include full Wowza Media Server Pro Unlimited with MPEG-TS edition capabilities, flexible license deployment models, comprehensive upgrade policies and the exclusive benefits of the Wowza Streaming Partner program for qualifying service providers. Contact for details.


Do you offer discounts to academic institutions and non-profits?

Yes. We offer a 20% discount to these organizations with proof of eligibility. For more information visit our  page.


Can I trade up from my limited connection license to a Wowza Pro Unlimited license?

Yes. Please check our  for details.


Can I trade up from my Wowza Pro Unlimited license to a Wowza Pro Unlimited with MPEG-TS license?

Yes. Please check our  for details.





Do you provide any unique features?

Yes. Wowza Media Server provides numerous unique and exclusive capabilities, including support for , optional , , SecureToken anti-ripping protection and TiVo?-like Fast Forward, Rewind and Slow-play of Flash (.flv) streaming video. There is also a server-side API that allows you to extend the functionality of the server, including full access to the media stream.


What are some advantages of streaming over progressive download?

There are a number of advantages, including:

  • Content Security: Streaming is inherently more secure than PD since streaming allows only a small amount of the video in memory at any given time. SecureToken, RTMPE and other content security methodologies available in Wowza Pro further enhance content security.
  • Bandwidth Savings: Streaming is throttled so that less bandwidth is used for videos that are abandoned (viewer does not watch the whole video). The amount of savings can vary widely depending upon abandonment habits, seek habits, replay, content duration, etc...
  • Viewer Experience: Seek experience, jumping ahead/back on longer video (anything more than 5-7 minutes), is greatly enhanced.
  • Paid Content: business models such as pay per minute are much easier implemented with streaming.
  • Live Video/Chat/Recording: all require streaming.



Partnering & Distribution


Can I embed Wowza Pro with my software or hardware product?

Yes, you can OEM Wowza Pro software for embedding with your software and hardware products. Please send us a  if you are interested.


Can I resell/distribute Wowza Pro software?

To resell or distribute Wowza Pro software you need to become a Wowza Affiliate reseller, Authorized reseller or Authorized distributor. For information on how to become a Wowza reseller or distributor, please fill out a  form.


How do I become a Wowza Streaming Partner?

You can become an official Wowza Streaming Partner if you provide hosting, streaming or CDN services based on the Wowza Pro platform, Minimum qualification requirements apply. To get the most current Wowza Streaming Partner program requirements please fill out a  form.

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