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分类: Mysql/postgreSQL

2011-06-09 14:18:43

Flag Name     Flag Description
CLIENT_COMPRESS     Use compression protocol.(使用压缩协议。)
CLIENT_FOUND_ROWS     Return the number of found (matched) rows, not the number of changed rows.(返回找到(匹配)的行数,而不是改变了的行数。)
CLIENT_IGNORE_SIGPIPE     Prevents the client library from installing a SIGPIPE signal handler. This can be used to avoid conflicts with a handler that the application has already installed.(阻止客户端库安装一个SIGPIPE信号处理器。这个可以用 于当应用程序已经安装该处理器的时候避免与其发生冲突。)
CLIENT_IGNORE_SPACE     Allow spaces after function names. Makes all functions names reserved words.(允许在函数名后使用空格。所有函数名可以预留字。)
CLIENT_INTERACTIVE     Allow interactive_timeout seconds (instead of wait_timeout seconds) of inactivity before closing the connection. The client's session wait_timeout variable is set to the value of the session interactive_timeout variable.(允许使用关闭连接之前的不活动交互超时的描述,而不是等待超时 秒数。客户端的会话等待超时变量变为交互超时变量。)
CLIENT_MULTI_RESULTS     Tell the server that the client can handle multiple result sets from multiple-statement executions or stored procedures. This flag is automatically enabled if CLIENT_MULTI_STATEMENTS is enabled. See the note following this table for more information about this flag.(通知服务器客户端可以处理由多语句或者存储过程执行生成的多结果集。当 打开CLIENT_MULTI_STATEMENTS时,这个标志自动的被打开。可以在本表后查看更多关于该标志位的信息。)
CLIENT_MULTI_STATEMENTS     Tell the server that the client may send multiple statements in a single string (separated by “;”). If this flag is not set, multiple-statement execution is disabled. See the note following this table for more information about this flag.(通知服务器客户端可以发送多条语句(由分号分隔)。如果该标志为没有被设置,多条语句执行。)
CLIENT_NO_SCHEMA     Don't allow the db_name.tbl_name.col_name syntax. This is for ODBC. It causes the parser to generate an error if you use that syntax, which is useful for trapping bugs in some ODBC programs.(不允许“数据库名.表名.列名”这样的语法。这是对于ODBC 的设置。当使用这样的语法时解析器会产生一个错误,这对于一些ODBC的程序限制bug来说是有用的。)
CLIENT_ODBC     Unused.(不使用)
CLIENT_SSL     Use SSL (encrypted protocol). This option should not be set by application programs; it is set internally in the client library. Instead, use mysql_ssl_set() before calling mysql_real_connect(). (使用SSL。这个设置不应该被应用程序设置,他应该是在客户端库内部是设置的。可 以在调用mysql_real_connect()之前调用mysql_ssl_set()来代替设置。)
CLIENT_REMEMBER_OPTIONS     Remember options specified by calls to mysql_options(). Without this option, if mysql_real_connect() fails, you must repeat the mysql_options() calls before trying to connect again. With this option, the mysql_options() calls need not be repeated.(记住通过调用mysql_options()生成的设置。如果 不使用这个设置,当mysql_real_connect失败时,再重新连接之前必须反复调用mysql_options()。当然,如果使用这个设置, 就不必反复调用了。)

If you enable CLIENT_MULTI_STATEMENTS or CLIENT_MULTI_RESULTS, you should process the result for every call to mysql_query() or mysql_real_query() by using a loop that calls mysql_next_result() to determine whether there are more results. For an example, see Section 20.9.12, “C API Support for Multiple Statement Execution”.
如果打开了 CLIENT_MULTI_STATEMENTS或 CLIENT_MULTI_RESULTS,你必须对每一个 mysql_query()或者mysql_real_query()的调用结果通过一个循环来处理,在这个循环中,调用 mysql_next_result()来决定(发现)是否有更多的结果,如Section 20.9.12, “C API Support for Multiple Statement Execution”


在php里 mysql_connect (
[string server [, string username
[, string password
[, bool new_link
[, int client_flags]]]]] )

#define CLIENT_LONG_PASSWORD         1         /* new more secure passwords */
#define CLIENT_FOUND_ROWS             2         /* Found instead of affected rows */
#define CLIENT_LONG_FLAG             4         /* Get all column flags */
#define CLIENT_CONNECT_WITH_DB         8         /* One can specify db on connect */
#define CLIENT_NO_SCHEMA             16         /* Don't allow database.table.column */
#define CLIENT_COMPRESS             32         /* Can use compression protocol */
#define CLIENT_ODBC                 64         /* Odbc client */
#define CLIENT_LOCAL_FILES             128     /* Can use LOAD DATA LOCAL */
#define CLIENT_IGNORE_SPACE         256     /* Ignore spaces before '(' */
#define CLIENT_PROTOCOL_41             512     /* New 4.1 protocol */
#define CLIENT_INTERACTIVE             1024     /* This is an interactive client */
#define CLIENT_SSL                     2048     /* Switch to SSL after handshake */
#define CLIENT_IGNORE_SIGPIPE         4096     /* IGNORE sigpipes */
#define CLIENT_TRANSACTIONS         8192     /* Client knows about transactions */
#define CLIENT_RESERVED             16384     /* Old flag for 4.1 protocol */
#define CLIENT_SECURE_CONNECTION     32768     /* New 4.1 authentication */
#define CLIENT_MULTI_STATEMENTS     65536     /* Enable/disable multi-stmt support */
#define CLIENT_MULTI_RESULTS         131072     /* Enable/disable multi-results */
#define CLIENT_REMEMBER_OPTIONS        (((ulong) 1) < < 31)  


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