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2010-06-30 17:36:28

              Today is really unfortunate 
  I ride the electric car to exit today to play, on the road happen to meets me when the junior middle school schoolmate.
  when I see him I am very surprised, but at that time I was riding the electric car travel, he rides the motorcycle travel, we are the front surface travel. He instead called me, me to hear also to see him, but I did not want to manage him, continued to walk forward.
  who knew that he instead anticipated, I really felt is very melancholy, I thought that was unable facing him, at that time my really very helpless. Does not have the means that I stop down face. However I found the excuse saying that I had the matter, we had not said that two words I walked.
  From junior middle school to the present we five person for five year sentiment. I have been thinking: Five year friend, five year friendship should not destroy easily. Along with time passing, our each people are growing. Idea also maturity slowly.
   In last year we because of certain matters, was noisy parts on bad terms. Between us the friendship destroys thoroughly. I will never forget we once occurred matter. Although that day's matter meets today with me that person has not related, but you are in our five person's one, I do not want to see you, does not want to manage you.
   After actually these matters occur, I have been thinking that was I is wrong? Why between us will turn this? But my answer is very clear, I not wrong, wrong have not been I. Since we five year friendship may destroy that easily, then I rather do not want this friendship, does not want these friends.
   Today meets you, complete is the accident, five years, then the long time's friendship may being destroyed in a moment easily, I not want it. I do not want these so-called friendships, so-called friend. I anticipated that we are the stranger.
I hoped to work as next time, no matter who between us is met with me, treats as the stranger completely. Do not let not the happy matter which I recalled to mind us once to occur, I could not withstand this kind of attack.  That will let me love dearly, my heart meeting hall will bleed . five years ago,These so-called friend I all do not want! I do not want ...... 
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