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2012-03-31 16:53:16

Install HP NC552SFP 10Gb 2-port Server Adapter Driver on RHEL5.5

1.      Download the Driver software.

2.      Build Environment Setup.

This package requires the presence of certain other packages that provide the right build environment to enable building a KMP binary rpm form the source rpm.

So  Please ensure the following below are installed.

I installed this package by yum:

(Tips: yum repo good configuration)

#yum install –y redhat-rpm-config

#yum install –y kernel-devel-

#yum install –y kernel--devel-

#yum install –y rpm-*

#yum install –y gcc

3.      Install the source package.

#mkdir –p /usr/src/packages/SOURCE

#rpm –ivh hp-be2net-.src.rpm

4.      check for the existence of a current version of the be2net package

#rpm –qa | grep be2net

if exist , use –e options remove it

5.      check for the old version of be2net.ko into the kernel and remove it

#lsmod | grep be2net

if exist , use #modprobe –r be2net     remove it .

6.      Install the new binary RPM package.

#rpm –ivh –nodeps /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/x86_64/kmod-hp-be2net(tab).rpm

7.      verify the driver version.

#modinfo be2net

8.      install be2net modprobe

#modeprobe be2net

9.      the configuration you ip address and other setting . ensure that

#cat /etc/modules.conf   

alias ethx be2net

alias ethx+1 be2net

10.  #lsmod | grep be2net

Tips: This HBA adapter support the new feature  SingleRoot IO virtulization(SR-IOV)

you can set up the parameter about it .  read #modinfo be2net

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