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分类: 系统运维

2011-03-11 23:18:45

lsvg -o
lsvg rootvg 查看rootvg的信息
lsvg -p rootvg 查看rootvg卷里的物理硬盘以及分布信息
lsvg -l rootvg 查看rootvg卷下的逻辑卷的基本信息

add a volume group
smit mkvg 通过smit工具进行添加卷组,可以设置更多信息
mkvg command to create a volume group named newvg created with a physical partition size of 2 MB is:
mkvg -s 2 -y newvg hdisk1

to display the LTG size of a disk, use the command:
/usr/sbin/lquerypv -M hdisk0

setting the LTG size
varyonvg -M512K myvg
set the logical track group size to the common maximum transfer size of the disks:
chvg -L 0 tmpvg

designate a hot spare:
chpv -hy hdisk1
chpv -hn hdisk1

add a physical volume to a volume group:
extendvg -f volumegroup hdiskn

removed a physical volume from a volume group:
reducevg -d -f volumegroup hdiskn

how to remove a volume group:
reducevg -d -f volumgroup physicalvolume

activate/deactivate a volume group
varyonvg datavg
varyoffvg datavg

import/export a volume group

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