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2009-07-02 10:05:04

Somerset Maugham, an English novelist, once went to a beach in southeast where he wrote down the popular novel Rain after seeing the touching scene of beach. The Russian writer Anton Pavlovich also recorded down a story called Green Beach. And Alex Garland who is also an English novelist directly selected the name The Beach for his novel which was later developed into a movie of the same name.
Besides, Americans also take the fuss with the debut of the typical television series Baywatch which is on the theme of the lifeguards on a resort beach. All these stories happened on the beach are all about sentimental confusions between men and women, some of them are fancied while others are realistic. And apart from the male and female characters, another one-the bikini also deserves your attention since it appears in more than half of the scene, having the highest exposure. After long-term development, nowadays, there are various choices of bikini for your wearing pleasure. Even going to an online store, you will be dazzled by the choice there, needless to say the bikini counter of the mall. Owing to the nature, American and Australian are regarded as the leader of bikini, producing numbers of famous brands for bikini. Almost all of them characterize little cloth with dazzling color. For instance, the hot bikini brands Roxy and Billabong of Australia, the classic brands , Betsey Johnson, Vix, etc. of America. It is said that bikini can always catch the eyes of the public in summer, being the most attractive view in beach under sunshine. You know, there is no difference in this year.
And lightness, fresh color, hollowed-out design, exaggerated and unique patterns, etc. are all the fashionable trend of bikini in this year. This could be proved by series of this year. The bikini's design is inclined to highlight features and personalities by matching distinctive patterns with brilliant color, letting you enjoy a completely different summer. In a word, it is bikini that elaborates fashion in a much more thorough way since it takes use of various fashion elements, letting the views feasting eyes be seen everywhere.
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