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2009-06-30 09:11:35

Everyone loves beauty. For girls, they are always fighting for eyeballs. I loss opportunity to be a beautiful girl, due to the damned short sight accompanied with wretched eyeglasses. I am always envious of people with good vision. Only sunglasses are fashionable as well as practical in protecting eyes. Once again, I can’t wear sunglasses as I wish, because I have to wear prescription glasses to see clearly. Every time summer comes, I am harassed with this problem. It is just not my day!
By accident, I got acquainted with a new kind of glasses --- prescription sunglasses. Excellent, I have never thought about this. Getting a pair of , I would pursue beauty without delay in improving vision. I was wild with delight for a short time, there was another problem coming out.I was intended to buy me a pair of prescription sunglasses,only to find it is too costly for me to buy. At that time I lose courage, my classmate said I may turn to the online optical stores. I might just as well have a try. I was just unconfident about the quality of glasses from online stores. Yet, as matters turned out, I was a little skeptical. There are still good online shops, such as
I sincerely hope those with vision problem relieve from ugly glasses.Summer should be a good time for girls to show their beauty.
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