Big Cloud is the cloud computing software stack developed by China Mobile Research Institute to support China Mobile‘s operation platform and provide services to its more than 600 million customers.

BC-EC, Big Cloud Elastic Computing, chose OpenNebula as its core component to manage and schedule the virtualization infrastructure in 2008. Since then, we are glad to see OpenNebula to be more full-fledged each day. And BC-EC, matured with OpenNebula, was used both in China Mobile’s internal business and ready to provide public service.

BC-EC includes 3 parts: web portal providing self-service entry, front-end management service providing service and operation management, user management and billing etc, and service database.  Front-end can provide similar functions as OZone to manage several OpenNebula back-ends.

Recently China Mobile prepared to publish a public cloud service based on BC-EC solution. This cloud includes 1000 servers, 700 servers of those will provide virtual machine computing service based on BC-EC and another 300 servers will provide cloud storage based on Big Cloud’s object store system, named Onest.